Everybody knows that this little big thing called video has become one of the most chosen strategies in the marketing field. Since internet companies started to invest in it, videos have earned an important spot in the marketing plans to connect with the prospects and transform target audiences into customers. This all was the result of the amazing amount of internet users.

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Indeed, the popularity of video content for a marketing strategy is undoubtedly high. A digital marketing and concept development firms in Asia – Syndacast – revealed some statistics to prove that idea.
It is reported that around 74% of internet traffic in 2017 will be dominated by videos.

The more impressive thing is that by making the video as the tagline can increase the number of open rates by 19%, 26% for the number of un-subscribers, and 65% for the click-through rates.

These are the reasons why video has contributed to the increasing popularity

Facebook upgrades its video strategy

We know that Facebook has an outstanding number of viewers. That number was doubled up to 8 billion viewers per day in the period of 7 months. This huge number is the result of its innovation on the feature of allowing the users to watch video while scrolling and browsing the news feed. Moreover, they also let their users to only watch videos shared by their network.
This strategy is a worthy investment in creating more pennies in order to create more video infrastructure. Due to this advantage and the potential for success, marketers are highly recommended to try.

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Take Advantage of SEO

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It is a common knowledge that media – which include videos – is becoming the favourite partner of the search engine algorithms. We can see this from Google. It owns YouTube which plays an important role in the increase of video’s popularity. They are working constantly to give its users the meaningful experience of surfing the internet.
To satisfy its users, Google not only provides an exact match of keywords, but it also provides the video in the top results of searching.

Entertain the Eye, Ease the Brain

We all know that there is no limitation in the digital world. It is full of information, knowledge, entertainment and different offerings from various companies and services. It is overloaded and might have the possibility to bury the important message.
The case above results in the status of the video as a digital marketing strategy that becomes more and more popular. It’s just like fresh air in the middle of the traffic jam. It is eye-catching, helps the brain to process easily and entertaining in some ways.

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Viral Potential

 videos have undoubtedly become a great tool for businesses. It is very useful for showing off the vision, expertise, products, services, the announcement for global range and news from companies.

Big Help

More and more people are educating themselves through product‘s reviews and testimonials from the previous users before making the decision about the products and services.

For this, video is one instrument that offers big help. It fits any field like education, entertainment, inspired content, or increasing the brand awareness for the crowd.
Based on the research of Animoto,
• 90% of consumers feel helped by the videos during the decision making of online purchasing.
• 35% consider that the company uses videos for their marketing is a trustworthy one.

Indeed, the video holds an important role in the traffic of digital marketing. They are entrusted as media that convey information better than any other types of content.