Video is one of the media that can be easily accessed, viewed and even shared. Almost over half of the human population in this world is familiar with this invention on the digital network. Even now, the video has owned a priority of online marketing strategies.

Here are 5 important things you need to consider before posting the video online:

#1 The objective of your video and how this video will live into your content marketing strategy.

Video should live its role as a great content marketing strategy. It becomes an essential medium to deliver your message to your target audiences when printed and written media such blog or newspaper cannot handle this task.

The way in delivering the video itself is a crucial basic thing to be considered carefully. It should be in harmony between the objective of video and its essence as a greater content marketing strategy.

There are things to ask and think whether the objective of video refers to other content that we can use as a gateway of CTA – call to action – on the same web page? Or we can create additional articles that focus on the elements of the video?

#2 Will the use of inbound marketing channels able to promote your video?

People may not always need to buy a product or service you offer from our content video. They might only search for information or entertainment or maybe they happen to learn something they might don’t understand before.

So let’s create something fascinating, interesting, and valuable content that will impress them. It can change the bond between you and your prospect customer. They might not need to buy your product or services, but who knows with your attracting content, will turn the bound into buyer and seller.

Image by Motionplanets

At this rate, you need to start to acknowledge how inbound channels can be the best choice to be used to increase your video exposure. You need to know whether it is hosted by a third party website or how? If it is, can we really advertise our content on that platform or we need detail value keywords to stand before the competitor’s brands? Does this video become part of our prior strategy? If yes, what kind of inbound channels that can be used?

However, whatever your strategy is, the important things you need to deeply consider are: what kind of inbound channel that will help you to increase the publicity of your video and how it will definitely help you to achieve your objectives.

#3 Make it social sharing

Imagine your video reaches the stage of the viral video of the year. It is kind of video that everyone watches and shares on the whole of social media. It is kind of video that attracts both national and international crowd take a peek and respond. It is a kind of video you should create to encourage social sharing.

Well, if your video does not grab the crowd’s attention to voluntarily share it in social media, then your chances are small to encourage social sharing. Putting social sharing icon on your web page or add references to some social profiles at the end of the video will boost your chances on social success.

#4 Key metrics to establish the performance

The basic important thing to do before posting your video is by having analytics that will allow you to measure any criteria that affect your video performance. Whether it is to gain viewers only, become trends in brand searches, or whatever the objective of your video is, there are excesses of metrics as the indicator to review its success.

The information of having analytics on your video becomes the basic important thing to do like the approach to your final consideration.

Image by Wordstream

#5 Feedback from the results toward your strategy

Having analytics on collecting valuable data will provide an opportunity to make use of feedback for both your promoting video content strategy and for your future content marketing strategy.

It is important that whatever your data and viewers are telling you, it will give you feedback on your primary strategy.

This is the benefit of using video. It has the ability to deliver a message that cannot be done by other media. This is a great innovation to get to the new inbound traffic.

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