Photos and videos are two things that consumers want to see when they are searching for a place to stay for their next destination. The best way to show travellers how your hotel looks like and how the overall atmosphere feels is by video.

Below are 5 useful tips for you hoteliers on how to generate video content:

  • Ask your guests for video reviews about your hotel

Reviews can be one of the most true and important selling points. Travellers will be able to get a balanced source of information about your hotel. You can also help them to create one. Have your staff record the reviews from your guests!

  • Show all of your property

Use video content to show your future customers all about your hotels. Include all parts of the property, such as the pool, rooms, fitness centre, lobby and other areas. The more, the better.

  • Add extra inspiration to your video

In addition to showing the inside of your hotel, show what is outside and around it. Is your hotel overlooking the ocean, forests, mountains, or other nice views? Include that in your video. The content should also aim to create the image of the customers spending time on what your hotel has to offer.

  • Prevent false advertisement

Even though you want to inspire your customers by showing beautiful sceneries, don’t create false expectations. Focus on the realistic and positive aspects of your hotel. Don’t showcase the feel of a five-star hotel if your hotel isn’t one. You don’t want to give expectations that your customers will not feel once they are in your location. Tell it like it is.

  • Collaborate with experts from the Industry

Look for trusted travel writers and consultants and work with them. This can work wonders for your hotel if done right. Work with them in terms of creating the content of the video which both of you can share online. For example, via social media and your websites. Consider the topics that your customer may be interested in. Some examples: 5 places to go when visiting your city, travel tips, best places to eat, etc.

Use video not only to show your property but go further than that! Show what places they can go while staying at your place and what experiences they will encounter. Simply show them!