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AVB is a leading, high performance, innovative media creation enterprise based in Bali, with representative offices in Jakarta & Singapore.


AVB MEDIA ASIA has long established themselves as a well-respected film and video production company, and now looks to becoming a specialist expert in the various industries. AVB has consistently taken meticulous and disciplined approach toward video production. They are devoted to producing impressive and entertaining video with a vision to be inspiration by focusing in providing solution and result driven for his clients.

With over 25 years of specializing in highly effective corporate exposure, brand guidelines, marketing strategies, AVB has produced impeccable productions that present a clearer, elevated message in the best way possible. AVB Media is a pioneer who understands that a high quality video production is more than just point and shoot—it’s about bringing out the embedded visionary ideas.

  • Well establish company with 25 years experience in the industry
  • Worked with many reputable clients from Indonesia, US, Japan, Singapore and abroad
  • AVB Media Asia has been worked with many companies in various industries such as hospitality, government, fast moving goods, health centre, mining, etc
  • Strong production team & in-house equipment
  • Advance editing suite

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