What comes to your mind when thinking about the dreamy house? Is it a small house with sky-high ceilings? Or maybe a house surrounded by sunken living areas where you could plan palm trees and other favorite plants? Whatever your dream house will be, Bali is always the best place to find amazing interior designers in Bali who can bring your dreamy house to life. That could be seen by brilliant ideas of breath-taking buildings in Bali that we could easily find.

The next thing in Bali is the interior designs. When it comes to interior designs, indeed, there is no better place you can visit rather than Bali. On this island, you could find experts in design fields that will make your wishes come true. Balinese people are well known as genius artisans who could create fabulous furniture made from various materials. These Balinese artisans have polished their crafts over generations, away before homestays, hotels, and villas with amazing decorations were famous in Bali. Balinese artisans have their styles, process, and materials to create their works into one of your dreamy decorations. That is proven by how Balinese buildings are well-decorated and built.

If you are trying to find the best designers who could bring you dreamy abodes come true, you are lucky that Bali has the incredible designers you need. You could also contribute to the process of making your expectation to reality. Picking the perfect textiles, ceramics, or tiles that are matching with Bali’s climate would be a fun task to do when you do it with an expert. Those interior experts will help you to build your worthy spaces that are worth being placed on the Vogue Living cover. Here are some lists of the best interior designers, decorators, and stylists in Bali.

The Best Interior Designers, Decorators, and Stylists in Bali

  1. Somewhere Concepts

Are you planning to build rustic, tropical, and warm contemporary minimalism building? Somewhere Concepts is the best interior expert and stylist to overcome your dreamy space. This company offers you smart designs to make your spaces beautiful and functional. They have successfully designed minimalistic and modern Bali’s famous buildings such as River House, BGS coffee shop that has cool urban vibes, and breezy Bingin Cliff House. Those buildings are only some examples of their brilliant ideas for creating wonderful places to chill. They will also use various materials to make their works more unique and beautiful. They will use stone, wood, metal, ceramic, and other materials that thoughtfully fit with the concept of the building they are working on. Creating breath-taking yet durable spaces is their expertise so leave your doubt and rapidly call them when you have something to build in the future. You won’t regret it!

  1. My Shrine Designs

My Shrine Designs offers lots of services related to the detailed design of the building, interior, and even furniture. If you are looking for a designer that could lot of works, My Shrine Designs is the best choice. They are designing, creating a concept, and also furnishing every little detail in your house or even commercial space. Villa or house renovation could be done as the customer requested. They could help you arrange the best concept for your even decoration or costume furnishing. They are really into various materials to make their works perfect. They even have their various artisan teams from woodworkers, glass blowers, sculptors, stonemason, and welders. If you want to have various furniture from various materials, here is all that you need. If you like to have costume stuff to make your house unique, My Shrine Designs is the best answer.

  1. Azula Designs

Azula Designs is a professional designer team who are specialized in high-end interiors with an affordable price tag. This company is not only for the famous and rich but also for those who want to have the desire to get beautiful comfort yet friendly prize interior spaces. Azula Designs offers three different packages that customers could request so it would suit all different budgets. They also do support locals, so wherever the customers are, they will always do their best to recommend local furnishings and materials. Furthermore, to make it easier for the customers, they also provide online designs to match the customers’ preferences. So, if the customers have their design, Azula Designs would happily listen to their ideas. Their masterpieces are modern and tropical interiors type. The customers could put their trust in them because they have interior experts from different backgrounds to fit with any taste.

  1. Bloom Design

Bloom Design is one of the most famous interior designers in Bali which is headed by Felicity Bloom. This company, which is already based in Sydney and Bali, has a wonderful portfolio from stylish contained apartments in Bondi to six-starts villas in Canggu. Bloom Design is able to build a wonderful bond with their clients, builders, and architects so they could translate clients’ ideas into reality. This company has a very brilliant idea for they put lots of inspirations of their works from Balinese culture and Australian landscapes. No wonder that their works are always fascinating because they are able to balance the cheerfulness and beauty of the design with liveable and functional spaces. They are really good for the contemporary aesthetic, chic, and clean interior that is functional and still fashionable.

  1. Paz Interior

Have you ever seen the beauty of beach-chic décor at La Vela, Café Coach, and The Lawn in Bali? Those are some genius works of Paz Interior, one of the biggest interior designers in Bali. Paz Interior is a custom furniture maker and interior decorator from Bali. They are brilliant in creating lovely spaces that will give us a good life experience on living in it. If you have any event, project, or spaces to build, you will need this company. They will decorate, furnish and build your spaces as you wish and completed with some selected furniture that will be matched with your place. They are really into tropical, chic, and ethnic vibes that will be incredibly matched for spaces near the coast.