Since the most companies, today are using videos as their marketing activities, it becomes a need for each video to be strategically used in a proper path. This will do for the best result as what you are looking for. Your video and your audiences need to be in one synchronizing line to make it works.

Every industry exists in this marketing world has different characteristics. The video for attracting customer to buy a toddler’s toy will definitely different from the one that published in the content video of education or financial.

However, the approaches taken could be relatively similar. The most important thing is to recognize what your audiences need. Some audiences may be looking for an entertaining one, while others may look for something direct.

You know best how to deal with your audiences, what do they want, and their characteristics. After all, a thing that you need to be considered first is that you should make sure the message of your video has followed the certain guidelines.

  • Brand Related

Make sure your videos are consistent in the tone, topic, and messaging. Viewers will get confused if they watched video content that really strays from the image of its branding. They will probably ask, “What is that?” or “What’s the relation?” OK. Don’t let those questions come up from your audience’s mind. Be consistentThe way of each video you create should be flowing in harmonious line with the concept that you are trying to build.

  • Fresh and Truthful

There are a lot of content competitions out there. You need to make your customers trust you before you convince them to buy your product or services. You need to stick to your image and make people believe in that If you cannot find any genuine idea or you still have a wobbly idea, then you will not be able to attract any. Find a NEW idea.

  • Connecting Audiences and Content

Build a connection between your brand and your audiences. Funny concept for your content video might be attracting, but for some others, it might not. Designing video that makes your audience feel something when watching your content video, it will be the plus point. It might be an outperformer than those that don’t make. Certainly, it will stay in your audiences’ memory. Tick-tock-tick-tock- you just need to wait. They will remember your company and they will come to you once they feel it is the right time to buy.

Based on what has been studied, this approach is used at NES Financial in two particular video campaigns. Here they are,

1st Campaign

Education, Thought, Leadership, and Trust

The company primarily serves the real estate sector. Though, they also serve many other sectors. This company has been dealing with complex financial transactions like 1031 exchanges and multiparty escrows. This type of deal is not a type you will easily find new news at any time. This company works with a static industry. Their audiences never thought about something humorous about their money business.

At this state, this company has found an applicable approach. They consider educational videos to be the best match to connect their audiences with their brand message.

This industry gets specific requirements from the government. It needs to be done correctly.

Image by

For this type of industry, video content on the speech of the industry’s expert to the audiences will be more applicable rather than a promotional one. They talk about 1031 exchange, anyway. So, this kind of approach will be well received and helps the company to achieve its goal of being an expert in the field.

2nd Campaign

Knowing When and How to Use Emotion

When dealing with the EB-5 program, immigrant’s status and life savings are at stake. At this type of industry, trying to create an exciting content video is as risky as walking on the thin line. It is not that it is impossible to work; let’s try to find the best applicable content.

If you are about to make a video for this campaign, the program about jobs for a thousand citizens would be good.

In making their video strategy, NES Financial profiled the actual investor that will take part in the EB-5 program. The video will be good in portraying their success. That way, the company will be trusted by their targets, of course.

Involve the viewers into the story and make them feel something. Get them compelled to take similar action. Let’s get inspired.

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In publishing your content videos, there are some other components need to be considered to improve the chance of success.

  • Calls-to-action

A video is a way to gain attractions. Try to link your video to other relevant sites will bring you a chance to expand the meaning of your message and help your interested viewers to get the knowledge and trust what you offer. By having a call-to-action will help you to make your viewers well interact with your content.

  • Social sharing

When it comes to video, the sharing button almost becomes a common culture. By completing your video with click-to-share will let your videos be seen by wider audiences. Isn’t this way easing you to promote your brand?

  • Tracking

Complete your video with tracking features too. This will help you to analyze how your videos work out there. How many click, how many views, how many respond, and how many shares. This feature will also allow you to know where your audiences stop watching your video or which part they repeat over. Isn’t this will be a good help for you to improve your video performance?

Every industry and company surely has a different type of audiences. This will also determine the way they create a video campaign. The important basic rule of video content is the creativity of its thumb. Whether it is educational, emotional, or even funny content, the first impression will grab attention and stop the scrolling activity. Isn’t it?