When social media first emerged, viral marketing was everyone’s talking point. Today, you need more than just a good popular video going around social media. A solid content marketing strategy is one that can build a strong bond with your customers. One way to reach this is by the “Hero, Hub, and Hygiene”, a method stated by Ingeborg van Beuseko,

The formula to viral marketing was a simple one: Create a well-structured content that was funny and new that can shock people. Spread it online and your customers would do the other work. However, this formula has one big setback. It’s true that viral videos can result in increased views and attention of your company. But once it has reached the top, it will start going down. In other words, visitors don’t return. What does this mean? It means that investing in viral marketing is not part of a long term success.

Ensuring Loyalty

It is proven that good content is effective in motivating and moving your target customer. More importantly, it works well in ensuring long-term loyalty to your business. Moreover, videos and blogs will not work effectively if a good strategy is not implemented.

The Web giant, Google, introduced a guideline for a content strategy that includes the “hero, hub, and hygiene” method. It is explained that creating content strategy should be based on the three (hero, hub, and hygiene) types of content.

The 3 H (Hero, Hub, and Hygiene)

  • Hero

This first type of content can be an article, a blog or video that your company invest a lot of work into it. The content can be connected to a product launch or important events.

An advertising video is the most effective here. It’s important to note that the content should target a wider target group. Moreover, the production frequency should be around one to two times per year.

  • Hub

The second type of content is specifically aimed more at the interest of your customer. In effect, you have the role of leading your consumers, making sure that they remain to view your content.

Hub content is an active one. It’s intended to appear regularly. This can be a series of blogs where specifics topics are explored in depth.

  • Hygiene

The last content is to produce daily aimed at searches done by your consumers. For example, the ‘how-to’ or ‘what-is’ content. The goal of this content is to draw the attention of new visitors, and potentially new customers. In regards to frequency, hygiene content is listed at the top of the ranking.

Content Pyramid

Image by Shootsta

The advantage of the content pyramid is to show that the three types of content can interact and support each other. The ‘hero’ content increase visitor numbers, which in result can heighten your brand name in a short time.

The ‘Hub” make sure that your customers keeps on coming back. This don’t apply with commercial videos as people don’t like to see repeated videos of the same company. In contrast, good content can be useful if aimed at a specific group. Hub content can create involvement and response and therefore, creates a relationship with your target group.

Lastly, the ‘Hygiene’ content make sure that it has good visibility in search engines. This can generate new visitors who will then link to your hub content. This can be done through following and/or subscribing to your company.

Content marketing is on every company’s main strategy. If done right, the strategy can be one of the best tools in increasing the company’s popularity. It is important to note that without a strong base, your budget will run our fast and nothing effective is achieved. The method of Hero, Hub, and Hygiene enables you to build a strong relationship with your target group, and maintain their interests.