Via Bali Tourism Promotion Board’s Appointment as Bali’s Official Video Channel.

Bali, 9th of May 2016. Bali Tourism Promotion Board has officially appointed Bali Go Live as Bali’s official video channel.

The channel will promote Bali using the popular digital platform YouTube and the Bali Go Live website supported by solid social media content and regular postings on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Thumblr, and Linkedin.

This co-operation is a milestone in developing the tourism brand of Bali. The Bali Tourism Promotion Board as regional coordinator of tourism promotion and the working partner of the Regional Government has assigned Bali Go Live the responsibility of taking the developing tourism market and businesses in Bali to the next digital level.

The agreement between Bali Go Live and The Bali Tourism Promotion Board will take place in Taman Bhagawan, Tanjung Benoa Bali (9/5/2016), represented by Paulus Herry Arianto, MA from Bali Go Live and Dr. Ir. Tjokorda Oka Artha Ardhana Sukawati, M.Si (Cok Ace) from The Bali Tourism Promotion Board. Also present were major stakeholders from the hospitality industry and general managers of five star properties in Bali.

The Bali Tourism Promotion Board sees the opportunity to collaborate with Bali Go Live to win the complex challenge of marketing in the digital world. Cok Ace from The Bali Tourism Promotion Board says that “according to the direction from our President and the market needs, we have to consistently apply the very latest and most innovative technology to keep advancing in a highly competitive market, this collaboration with Bali Go Live now gives us the very best tools to effectively further Bali’s position as a leading world class destination with a genuinely unique culture”

Bali Go Live is further increasing support for the hospitality industry through participation in the ASITA event – Bali and Beyond Travel Fair (BBTF) on June 22nd to 26th. In this event, Bali Go Live will have a booth to promote Bali via the latest technology video presentation, namely Virtual Reality 360-Degree Video.

According to Bali Go Live’s Content Manager, Ryna Sukma Dewi, “Bali Go Live is a video channel that discusses anything and everything about Bali. Our mission is to be literally the Go-To channel for everything Bali, a digital encyclopedia of Bali and a site where business people can showcase their brand to a wide target market. This will strengthen Bali’s position as one of the best tourist destinations in the world.”

She further says, “We have produced videos about culture, events, destinations and the Balinese lifestyle, and will continue to develop these further in order to be the leaders in digital tourism promotion. Bali Go Live will shortly take delivery of the ‘revolutionary’ new virtual reality 360 degree technology and be one of the region’s first video channels using this technology to add a completely new viewer’s experience allowing them to see a location or event from “all angles”

Paulus Herry Arianto, CEO of Bali Go Live, has the vision for Bali Go Live to go beyond promoting Bali as a tourism destination. “We also want to instill pride in the Balinese young generation, to be proud and have an even deeper understanding of their unique heritage and philosophy.

We will produce high-quality, professional standard, videos which explain the daily events in Balinese culture, so that these teenagers can share the videos with their friends outside Bali through the social media,” he said.

This Bali born entrepreneur gives an example of Bali Go Live’s video on the process of making of canang sari and the philosophy behind it. This short video presents, in a fun and yet informative style, an very basic integral part of the daily life of the Balinese, commonly accepted yet a lot of viewers are unaware of the intricacy involved in its creation. The video briefly explains what canang sari is and its function and is designed to clearly inform non-Hindu people and give an appreciation of the art and devotion in creating it. This video has been viewed and shared thousands of times and is still attracting viewers.

To find out what else Bali Go Live offers, see the videos and subscribe to the youtube channel.

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Founded in 2015, Bali Go Live was established as the “GO-TO” channel for everything Bali, aimed to bring dictionary-like information for planning a trip or educating about the uniqueness of Bali.
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