In this day and age, the digital world has become a major player in all aspects of our life. This is especially true when it comes to the hotel and travel industry. In today’s world, an online presence is seen as a must in order to stay on track with the trend. reports that almost 40% of all tour and activity bookings are made online.  Travel booking sites are growing and it has become easier than ever for people to book their tour. It literally is just a click away. According to, around 148.3 million people are using the internet to book their reservation for hotels and activities. Therefore, the emergence of travel sites just comes as natural. As more companies go online, the competition will get only tougher. So, how can you make sure your hotels stays on the top of the visitor’s booking list? The answer is video.

Image by Clickam

Now, comes the next question: How can you make your video effective? There are three things you need to achieve: generate buzz, boost bookings rate and increase the awareness. There are several travel-based companies such as Trivago, Expedia, and TripAdvisor that allow us to add videos to their websites. It is no doubt that photos work effectively as well. However, videos can play a stronger role in attracting customers. Let’s look at the facts.

According to, 89% of online customers are more likely to book when they watch your video. In addition, Frederic Gonzalo of emphasized that “people want to watch the video.” 62% of leisure travellers and 74% of business travellers want to see a video before they are set on booking.

Video gives an extra layer besides providing useful information. It adds a first-person perspective—Imagine a video that delivers a feeling of walking into a comfy and spacious room; breezy garden with colourful flowers and bright skies. Video is the only way to express this real-world feeling.

Another significant factor of using a video as a medium is that video increases SEO in search engines. According to, the chances of your page being the first page in Google search increases by 53 times.

Even though videos are already proven to be an effective strategy, not many hotels have implemented this method yet. This is great news for all of you hoteliers. If your goal is to increase bookings and ratings, there is no better time than now to include video as part of your marketing strategy. Stay ahead of the competition and don’t wait until it’s too late!