When we talk about video as a content medium, what can you say?  It is not merely a simple tool uses for delivering a message.  In the marketing world, video is a ‘must-use’ medium for professionals. For marketing professionals, video works in a very good way. By clicking the play button, the messages are delivered in a very good way to move the audiences to take an action or at least put a response.

So, is there anything video can’t do? It’s such a big deal of creative technology packed in such small amazing way. Here is some knowledge to be shared about how to take advantage by using video and take the lead in a market.

Why Should Video?

Tons of people out there are internet users. They tend to spend their day and even their work by surfing online. And tons of people too, are engaged with video content.

World digital marketing competes to show off their content through video in order to catch the prospects attention. So, imagine if all of businessman flooded the internet with their video content.

People don’t want to strain their eyes on reading a text. Video content is not only educating your potential buyer about your message. Video content is able to tell about who you are, what you do, why you do and even the profile of your company. Let’s bet! The prospects will not spend much of their precious time in reading. Through your video, people are able to understand what you mean just in a short period of time.

Video Can Arouse Emotions

Marketers, it is all about body language. Various studies have proven that by seeing the gesture or pictures will drive someone’s purpose to root inside someone else’s mind faster that reading. To engage prospect with the detail of your vision is always the best way. But, the video is the next best thing to use in dealing with each person. You can make your audiences response. They can laugh, angry, sad, or even be inspired by watching your short video.

What You Have To Do Now Is To Build A Subscriber Base.

Having YouTube account to publish your content is not enough. There might be a risk you will lose your viewers. No need to explain why, isn’t it?

Hosting your own video in your own channel will be a good advantage. It can maximize the value of your content. Be the owner of your own web. By having video on your own online page allows you to boost your search ratings. Only need to add your own content and show off your innovation. It will keep your prospects stay longer and might be the loyal visitors. What are you waiting for?

Nothing is more tempting than a click on play button. That is one simplest way to explore the whole world. By adding video to your emails, you will witness how much you can increase the ratings of clicking content on your own site.

Don’t forget to extend your contents through various social channels exist today. You should remember that the important point on how powerful a video is its capability of easy to share. One click for the wider world. We have seen for so many years YouTube video are watched through Facebook and even now we have lots of messengers such WhatsApp, Line, and many others.

Take Advantage On Video

After a prospect finished watching the video, what’s next? All you need is to transform your viewers into customers, right?

As we know that on Modern Video Marketing Platforms, we are allowed to create our own way to end a video.  Dear marketers, a black screen is no longer a good choice to end your content video today. Some studies stated that so-called modern video marketing platforms allow you to end your video in a various way – from automatically launching another video, to presenting interactive elements like CTA buttons.

When a prospect saw this new form of activity or capability to demand a demo from your video, they will be more attached to you.

Track On Prospects’ Interests

By adding an email gate to the opening of your video will let you connect with the information on those who are interested in your content. You can watch on what have your video done for you.

This feature on a video marketing platform, allows you to track and understand which video has been watched, how much this video interact with them. You can collect the data on how your video rises or drops or even take the lead in the rank.

Image by SMM Guide

Both marketer and salesperson need this kind of data to create the marketing strategy. What is the next action they should do to convert the viewers. You will be able to track whether your content video takes the lead on the amount of the viewers or even drop in the first ten second. You can also track whether the prospect directly watches your following demo or get attracted to another view such movie trailer. You can evaluate your content or soon make a new innovation by having this kind of data. For the salesperson, this kind of data will drive them to create further action to get closer with the prospects and make a deal.Using this Video Marketing Platforms will let you to transform the data collected into the next step for your marketing strategy.

Better Video From Data Collected

Many marketers might have missed out about this. Take a look at the development of Video Marketing Platforms, some studies stated that view counts – watching the number of viewers – was one of the best ways to judge if a video is a success or not. We know that by clicking the ‘play’ button gives us a clue on the viewing behavior of an audience.

Watching the video engagement data allows you to see how the viewers response and interact with the content video. We can see in which part the amount of the viewers dropped off and which part are re-watched. This, what any other medium CAN’T do.

Can you see now? This data will grant you the power to edit the content of your video so that the amount of the viewers boosts. The feature of video analytics is the capability to help you see which videos performed better. That makes a great chance for you to make another improvement and even innovation.