So, social video is your choice for your marketing strategy. Indeed, it is the easier and faster way to deliver your idea to your audiences.

Now, it comes to the big homework. How to work with video production house? How will they produce the work that you exactly want?

Here are things to consider before you work with video production company in Bali:


Involve early building and developing a creative concept. This is a good starting point to let your work partner understand your goal.

Knowing WHY you make the video. Is it for launching your new product? Or re-advertise your brand? There must be the difference in the process and concept.

Attract your target in a newly fresh way. Something more innovative and unusual will vastly be noticed.

Be sure you can predict what your audiences will do after seeing the video. This will help you to arrange the best strategy that fit up your purpose. Like what W Retreat & Spa Maldives did with us below.


Finding the reputable production company that fits your goal is a vital first step. Make sure that video company you chose can help you to create thing exactly like what you want. At least close enough as your wish, since you should keep monitoring and work together. HOW?

A Google search might be a quite good option to surf some recommendation. The problem is that some video production companies are not quite a good market for they own. They might have constantly lived by mouth-to-mouth words.

Then, HOW? As the first step, you can look for websites providing rank and rate of the video production house. Some search engines on the internet will serve you with a lot of choices in a very quick way. But, not everything fit you.

You can humbly ask recommendation from the companies you highly respect. You can find the recommendation on which video production company they’ve ever partnered with and whether they satisfy or not.


Return to the point WHY you’re making this video.

  • State your goals
  • Partnered with the company that gets excited with your idea will give a great benefit.
  • State exactly what you want and do not for your video. Make a list. This helps your partner as their starting point.

For example, you don’t too many people involve in the video but not animation too, and you don’t know how to deal with it. However, you want something casual, yet unusual and surprising. The video should be something differently worthy. Just share your idea.’

Behind the scene Holiday Inn Resort Bali Benoa Corporate Video

This is important. Many production companies you work with are professionals in their field. They have handled many different video contents. So, they might always have a new idea to share with. You can be open to any idea given.

With your deep understanding of why you’re making this video, allow your mind to be open to them and create more creative collaboration.


Think about HOW will you SHARE your video? HOW will you SHOW OFF your video for the mass?

Blowout through short and quick social media like Instagram or Twitter might be a good idea. Within limited time, you can deliver your idea. Besides, ensure you’re using the good medium.

Behind the scene Padma Rerost Legian Company Profile

It’s crucial to match between wild idea you want and how much you can spend. This time, LET your production team show you what project can be done within the budget. Then you can make CALCULATION for delivering your idea and maximizing your creativity.

Above all, to start something is somehow the hardest part of the journey. Many things and details should be considered.

So, this is what can I share.

You’ve got the idea and production house partner. What else? Just start it. Once you start it, it will glow like a stream. There will always be gravels, but it will always flow.