AVB is a Bali based production house that provides inspiring audio visual solutions focusing on achieving business results for their clients. Established in 1993 by founder Paulus Herry Arianto, AVB consistently delivers professional video production media solution for local to international corporates, making it the island’s largest and most progressive production house for film, video and,  multimedia and photography. With an problem solving unconventional approach to customer satisfaction, AVB goes beyond capturing images. It Working  closely with leaders and business owners it is then able to takes on the role bring of pulling together development/technical operations and the business strategy in order to working collaboratively to createproduct  communicativethe media communications realizing a desired vision.

One of AVB’s well-known audio- visual expertise is executing promotional videos and documentations for clients who share our philosophy that visuals are the most powerful communication tool. Other services available are production for television commercials and programs, design and print advertising, film making, 360-photography, broadcast equipment rental and copying analog sources into digital media.

The client roster includes biggest names in Bali and some of the largest corporates in Asia. Major corporates have entrusted AVB to create their corporate profiles such as Starwood Group’s Sheraton Bali Kuta Resort, Westin Ubud and ST Regis Singapore, and Alila Group. AVB has also produced event documentation for Iinternational scale events namely Jazz Market, TEDx in Ubud and the largest Tourism Related Services in Bali, PACTO.

With state-of-the-art equipment and a trained team of production professionals, AVB delivers a promise that is sgiving  a creative solution to any communication needs that will project an positiveoptimistic image within the tourismclients’ market place. It is a winning combination of innovation, experience and the right resources that makes AVB a rising star in video production in Asia.

About AVB Media

AVB Media has long established themselves as a well-respected film and video production company, and now looks to becoming a specialist expert in the various industries. AVB has consistently taken meticulous and disciplined approach toward video production. They are devoted to producing impressive and entertaining video with a vision to be inspiration by focusing in providing solution and result driven for his clients. With over 16 years of specializing in highly effective corporate exposure, brand guidelines, marketing strategies, AVB has produced impeccable productions that present a clearer, elevated message in the best way possible. AVB Media is a pioneer who understands that a high quality video production is more than just point and shoot—it’s about bringing out the embedded visionary ideas.