The big question that revolves around travel and tourism marketers is how to engage with travellers in their early buying cycle and maintain their interest after that? Experts have thoroughly discussed this question, and video came up as the top answer.

Let’s see how video can do just that:

  • Add a unique experience to your customer’s journey

Since travelling is a personal and emotional experience, video is the perfect marketing vehicle for your company. There is no better way than a video to deliver the effect of ‘being there’ to your customers. In result, video marketing provides special experience to your customer’s journey. Let’s look at the Australian tourism who recently adopted the 360 video marketing campaign. The technology allows users to view the video through an immersive experience. Thus, giving them firsthand experience of what it’s like to explore the beautiful places– through a 360 video. Videos are able to accommodate all stages of the customer’s journey– from awareness, engagement, and conversion to reward.

  • Start sending effective Email campaigns

A lot of travel businesses uses email to sell and urge customers to buy. Consequently, customers feel the aggression and therefore turns off their interest. You need to apply the strategy of “less is more.” Apply less frequency and think more about the strategy to create engaging content. Again, here comes the usefulness of a video. It is known that including videos on your emails increase click rates by 55%. It has been proven that email marketing drives awareness and increase engagement with your customers.

Image by: Bali Go Live
  • Market and interact to millennial

Travelling is on the top of the priority list for the Millennial. Therefore, for travel companies, the millennial category is their main target.  Research has shown that millennials want to travel and spend money on an experience rather than on things.

Furthermore, millennial not only buy, but they can go further. They want to create a relationship with the brand. You should take this opportunity and create strong relationship with the customers. Create an interactive video that allows you and your customers to get to know each other. Emotive content is also key to change your prospect from consideration to purchase.

Travel customers want to be entertained and inspired. It is important for marketers to create content that triggers emotion and build a connection with your brand. To achieve the goals and maintain it for the long term, marketers need to create a video which facilitates all the stages of the customer’s journey. Just as important, don’t forget to promote your video via different channels such as social media, email, landing pages and blog.