Hotel and Resort Video in Bali

A hotel and resort video is more than a captivating visual representation of your property—it is a form of art. After all, a well-produced and alluring video can turn mere website visitors into actual paying guests. When it comes to hotel and resort videos, the first few seconds themselves must tempt potential customers.

If you’re unsure about jumping on the hotel and resort video bandwagon, consider research statistics. 93% of brands claim to have gained a new customer through video advertising. So why shouldn’t the same apply to hotels.

At AVB Media Asia, we understand the essentials of producing quality video. When we craft our videos, we ensure to keep the needs and desires of your audience in mind. At the same time, we value YOU, our clients. For this reason, we ensure that the videos we create do not lose sight of your brand’s story.

What We Do

Since hotel video production is nothing short of artwork, AVB Media Asia makes sure to treat it as such. An aesthetically appealing video involves more than stringing together a couple of images that catch the eye.

No, a professional video will help establish your property or destination’s image. Simultaneously, it will help convey your brand values to potential customers to build an emotional connection. The purpose behind a hotel resort video is to make customers feel your property could be a second home to them.

A top-notch video will push customers from wishing they could be at your hotel actually to visit! However, creating such a compelling video is something many wish for, but few achieve. You can make your dreams a reality with AVB Media Asia on your team.

At AVB Media Asia, we’re aware that video production involves considering several factors. A captivating video will have unforgettable imagery along with a message related to your brand’s values. At the same time, it must instill in customers the feeling that you have what they need.

That’s besides all the more technical considerations like equipment, sound, editing, and more. So having someone to handle the more complicated parts can be quite a blessing. Well, worry no more because, with us, your project is in the safest hands!

AVB Media Asia brings more than 25 years of experience to all elements of video production. We have several media services under our belt, but we’ve served over 50 clients with just hotel and resort videos. Not only can you expect mesmerizing visuals from us, but also a deep-rooted understanding of hotel branding.

Why Choose Us?

A hotel and resort video production is an investment without beating around the bush. However, we as a professional production house in Bali is committed to making your investment more than worth it! Here are some of the reasons you may appreciate having us actualize your dreams!

In-depth Video Production

Every hotel or resort has a story within it, something that makes it unique. At AVB Media Asia, we make it our job to uncover that something special and put it on display for the world. So you may ask, how do we do that?

Well, the answer is simple: with our meticulous eye for detail. We combine that with our years of expertise to produce visuals that are equal parts stunning and seamless. What’s more, we do this with minimum disruptions, so you need not worry about any delays.

Our comprehensive surface has a three-fold purpose. We aim to elevate your brand, generate more sales, and boost your booking rate. Not only that, but we take care of every single step in the process, from production to studio completion. With us orchestrating the entire process, it eliminates the need for you to put a team together yourself.

All you need to concern yourself with is what kind of story you want us to tell. Beyond that, all of the more refined elements of the creative process will be handled by us. Our extensive and top-notch services include everything from story concept to scriptwriting to creating story ideas.

Rest assured, every detail, no matter how big or small, is given utmost attention during the production process.

A Captivating Brand Message

AVB Media Asia’s primary concern is for our clients and their vision. With our accumulated experience, we’re very adept at understanding just what our clients expect and producing the desired result as soon as possible. However, don’t take our word for it—check it out for yourself through our online portfolio!

Our team specializes in photo and video production, and we have worked for hotels around the world. Due to these successful past projects, we have learned to understand not only what a brand wants but what it needs. This understanding then helps us create polished and compelling videos that you and your audience alike will love.

We believe our first responsibility is to uncover what is distinctive about your brand. However, there’s more to it than that. We also make it our job to learn what is unique about your property, guests, message, and experience.

This process gives us deeper insight into a brand’s personality. So it becomes all that much easier for us to tell your story with the right essence.

Let’s Not Forget Logistics

Professional production for a hotel or resort, more often than not, has operational demands. So this essentially leaves you with an uncontrolled environment, which can be a nightmare. However, that is only when the team is not motivated, highly organized, and attentive to details.

At AVB Media Asia, we tick all those boxes. With our years of experience in the industry, we have become flexible and intuitive. So much so that we can complete any production work with existing guests around and day-to-day operations in full swing.

You can rest assured your video will have stunning visuals and a combination of memorable sequences. Along with that, it will have a captivating storyline and high-action footage. All of this is done while keeping logistics in mind.

That means we do not unrealistically require the location to be shut down during the shooting!