Pictures can capture your precious moments so beautifully that they remain etched in your memory forever. High resolution, perfectly-angled photographs only emphasize this aspect, and that’s why you need professional photographers. Moreover, if photography is done right, you can reach your target audience much faster.

A production house in Bali is a company that provides you with top-notch photography and video services, keeping your needs in mind. We’re the jack of quite a few trades with our high-rated aerial photography and virtual reality 360 photography.

With our highly-skilled photographers, we know how to help you enthrall your audience and provide you with the best. Additionally, we offer complete services with end-to-end production.

Our Photography Services

Professional photography services have picked up the wave because we rely on social media and the internet. With suitable photographs, not only can you convey your message but also keep your audience hooked. Besides, they also help you build trust amongst your audience.

We have over 25 years of experience in varied styles of photography to suit your needs. Also, we specialize in company profile photography and other kinds of commercial photography as well. Since we focus on your story and message, each project we undertake is highly personalized and authentic.

You can also expect not only our full support but also end-to-end handling of the production process. From creative development, pre-production to post-production, our only focus is to give you the best results.

Types of Photography Services We Offer

As mentioned before, our service portfolio is quite vast. From TV commercials to event management, we can be your one-stop solution to all things advertising. Here are the various styles of professional photography services we offer.

Corporate Profile Photography

The best way to gauge the authenticity and professionalism of a business today is to visit their website. Our professionally shot corporate profile photos or portraits convey this message with quite a bit of finesse. Besides, we know how to capture an attractive and fitting corporate headshot that aligns with your business or profile.

We think out of the box and easily capture your message’s essence in a simple photograph. Additionally, with our tailored services and editing, we assure you of excellent results. Be it for your LinkedIn profiles, social media, or company website.

Destination Photography

The best way to derive the most out of a business trip is to dedicate some time to company photoshoots. We’ll bring some of the most nuanced and innovative ideas to the table and relay your brand message effectively through photos. Moreover, despite our time-saving approach, we’ll ensure a fail-proof procedure.

We have worked with Bali, Jakarta, and Singapore’s best resorts and continue to spread our wings. We’re proud to say that AVB Media Asia has been the appointed vendor by Marriott International. That too for the Asia Pacific region from the past five years.

360 VR Photography

Do you want highly-realistic pictures for your brand? If so, we also cater to 360 VR videography and photography services. We can thus, help you create complete immersion into your website and other resources for your customers.

These never-seen-before highlights and details will help you mesmerize your customers and take your business to greater heights, quite literally. Therefore, it’s worth investing in if you’re looking to scale your business and find the right advertising solution.

Further, this style is beneficial for your brand image on social media such as Facebook and YouTube. With our on-budget and deeply engaging production process, you can leave your advertising production to us.

Aerial Photography

In recent years, aerial photography has ventured into its commercial aspect as well. Hence, you must use this and let us capture some stunning yet impactful aerial photographs for your brand. That will allow for a complete view of your business and its operations.

Not only can you build trust and engaging relationships with your customer, but these are also highly uncluttered and clear. Using our aerial photography expertise, you get a unique and promotional selling point and boost your advertising game.

End-To End Production

Our proficient and dedicated production team will ensure a smooth sail for you, from the early stages to after wrapping up. Here is how we go about capturing and providing you with high-end pictures.


If you approach AVB Media Asia with a pre-defined set of requirements, we’ll immediately provide you with the best. However, we’ll also love designing the best advertising program for you with some proactive brainstorming and collaboration.

Further, you can acquaint us with your set budget, and we’ll schedule the entire process around that. We also provide complete transparency in terms of the process and spending.

Creative Vision Alignment

Now that the technicalities and financials are out of the way, we’ll be ready to let our creativity flow. From the collection you want to the approach we’ll take, we’ll discuss everything at this stage.

Shoot Prep and Scheduling

For the timely completion of projects, we set a timeline and strictly adhere to it. Being the perfectionists that we are, we’ll be ready with every equipment and tool needed.

The Photoshoot

You’ll be guaranteed a pleasurable experience working with our photographers and art team. Moreover, depending on the scale of the project, we’ll complete it with maximum efficiency. After digital enhancements and upgrades, we’ll update you with the results.

Photo Selection and Retouching

Not every shot makes it to our cutting room, and since we’re focused on quality, we’ll give you our unbiased inputs throughout. Further, once we know your preferences, we’ll digitally retouch them and prepare your delivery.

Final Delivery

The final stage is where we customize these photographs for you to use on different platforms. That way, you’ll get the best results out of marketing, and we’ll deliver them in multiple formats.

Why Pick Us?

The Bali and Jakarta market is flooded with various kinds of photography services, but our sheer quality makes us stand out. We have experience of over 25 years, and we’ve worked with some highly-reputable clients. From the US, Singapore, and Japan, to name a few. 

Furthermore, along with a broad client base, we’re also adept at handling different industries’ requirements. These can range from hospitality, mining, health-care, FMCG to government. Our advanced editing suite only elevates the quality achieved by our photographers.

We also provide you the services of our strongly-knit and hardworking production team. Overall, we have a disciplined and results-driven approach to help you get the maximum corporate and market exposure.