TV Commercial

If you’re looking to reach a massive audience for marketing purposes, then there’s nothing better than a simple advertisement to do the job. A TV advertisement can be highly effective as it quickly reaches a large targeted audience, sometimes even more rapidly than digital advertising.

TV commercials can be one of the best ways to increase your brand awareness, improve sales, and generate leads. TV commercials also have some of the highest rates of ROI.

As opposed to static displays, a video TV commercial is more engaging and attention-grabbing as they use motion, audio, and visual stimulations to capture and sustain interest. People are more likely to remember a high-quality TV commercial than any static ad online or offline.

Our Services

With a team of highly skilled professionals with years of experience in TV commercials, AVB Media Asia can provide you with a TV commercial that can tick all your boxes.

We make it easy and convenient for you to get the best TV commercial you want for your product or service. We also understand that advertising is an investment and that careful deliberation at all steps is required to ensure a quality experience. We work closely with our clients to ensure their high satisfaction and use only the best equipment when carrying out our services.

Being a Video Production house in Bali, we provide excellent content production services that, besides TV commercials, include corporate videos, company profile videos, VR 360 videos, hotel and resort videos, other kinds of photography, videography, and more.

We also serve as an outstanding media house that can expertly cater to your social media management, website development, and event management needs.

What Is A TV Commercial?

TV commercials are often niche-specific and carefully crafted artistic advertising videos made to generate potential leads, increasing brand awareness, and improving brand image. TV commercials have long since proven to be effective and valuable as a form of advertising. Since they cannot be skipped over like digital ads, they can often have more impact and influence.

It’s been proven that at least 90% of consumer decisions are made after viewers are influenced by advertising.

While online advertising is undoubtedly effective, TV commercials do not fall short of their impact and better reach targeted audiences. They are also impactful as they are often made available when viewers are attentive at the time of their leisure, making them more likely to recall the advertisement.

Different TV Commercial and Production Types

In the case of TV commercial productions, as a client, you’ll have several options. With your brief, we can manifest your vision and visualize it to maximize your ROI, deliver you high-quality commercials and generate leads using effective calls to action.

There are various types of commercial productions, like a 15-second, 30-second, or 60-second commercial. You can also make use of infomercials to encourage calls to action.

Aside from production types, there are different types of TV commercials as well.

  • A Narrative
  • A voiceover
  • A B Roll
  • A Testimonial Driven Commercial
  • Interview style Commercial
  • Endorsements

Why Choose AVB Media Asia?

AVB.Asia provides its clients with a high-quality service experience, right from the beginning, until the end. We will be with you with every step, communicating and catering to your demands.

We use high-quality in-house equipment, and our expert professionals have years of experience to craft the best TV commercials you can want.

We have been providing top-notch services as a media house for the past 25 years and have successfully worked with hundreds of reputable clients and brands. We also have served companies from all over the world, including Japan, Singapore, the USA, and more.

We are meticulous and thorough in our approach and believe in impacting our services using innovative ideas and creative techniques.

You can even check out our TV commercial projects to see the dedication and quality infused with every take and shot.

How We Do It

At AVB Media Asia, we believe in partnering with our clients to provide them iht TV commercials that will yield results and prove to be a venture of high ROI. We plan, deliberate, brainstorm, organize, execute and deliver with the utmost diligence, efficiency, and skill.

Our process is inclusive and straightforward, and we believe in total transparency and honesty with our clients.


TV commercials are not inexpensive, and it can be tough to decide on it as an investment. But it can also prove to be highly successful in generating high ROI and sales leads and piquing interest and awareness about your brand. Once You have arrived at a decision, reach out to us on our emails or contact us to get the process started. You can send in your inquiries or requests. We would love to hear from you.


We believe in working closely with our clients and helping them bring out their vision realistically. We help you find your target audience and deliver TV ads that can educate, inspire and increase your traction. Crafting your ad strategy, using storyboards to illustrate and visualize your brief to perfectly hit your goals and bring it out in the scripting, and then later the commercial is what we aim at providing.

Production Planning

We then scout for optimal locations, cast models, deliver you native voiceovers if required, and provide you with copyright-licensed music for your TV commercials if needed.

Anything you might need can easily be made available as our in-house production supports these services. We also employ post-producing equipment and advance editing suites to polish your product.


The most crucial part of producing a TV commercial is its shooting. Our high-quality in-house equipment used by our skilled professionals and experts helps you deliver a beautifully crafted TV commercial.

Post Production And Delivery

Once we receive the shoot, we work on polishing it to perfection and smoothen the Commercial to deliver impact and influence its audience. We use high-quality creative programs and editing software to finish it off perfectly. Once we ensure that the commercial meets our high-quality standards, we will provide prompt and easy delivery to you, our client.

Our channels are always open to hearing your feedback or for your inquiries. If you need any guidance on our TV commercial production process, you can contact us or email us to understand better. To start generating sales leads and to maximize your ROI, contact AVB Media Asia for your TV Commercial needs now.