VR 360

With the emerging popularity of VR 360 videos over other formats, more companies, businesses, and people choose VR 360 experiences.

Why do you think that is? It’s because a VR 360 video provides you with an innovative, immersive, and captivating experience that allows the viewer to be at the very center of the recorded event.

The experience often leaves its viewers awed because of how realistic and engaging VR 360 videos are. At AVB Media Asia, we persevere to bring you only the best, most captivating, and high-quality VR 360 videos.

Be it for a formal event walkthrough, an interior tour, and an on-location tour of your resorts or travel videos- we deliver only the best.

Our Production Service

As AVB Media Asia is a leading video production enterprise in Bali, you can expect seamless service and top-notch results. From pre-production requisites to post-production wrap-up, our entire process is tailored to meet your goals and ensure your satisfaction.

Bring a media production house; Video making is our forte, so let us handle all your demands and provide you with the best VR 360 video experience.

What Are VR 360 Videos?

A VR 360 video format is an exceptional way to record an important moment or event- both formal or informal. The 360° Virtual reality view lets the user get in the middle of the scene and view it from all sides.

VR 360 videos are so stunning because they offer maximum viewer engagement as you’ll be virtually teleported to the recorded event.

You can view VR 360 videos on several formats and devices, and you don’t always need hi-tech VR gear. Popular video platforms like Youtube and social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter allow users to view it on their mobile devices conveniently.

As a viewer, you can swipe and scroll across the screen or use the controls to get a full 360° view of the scenes.

From a commercial standpoint, an engaging format like VR 360 can potentially reach a wider audience than conventional formats. It brings with it benefits of better reach, higher sales, and an increase in brand awareness.

What Can VR 360 Videos Be Used For?

Since VR 360 video formats are highly interactive and engaging, they can be used for several things.

This includes recording all aspects of a formal event walkthrough or showcasing the highlights of your hotels, resorts, offices, and more with on-location or interior tours and more.

It lets you view a scene as the central object in the narrative, so you can view every detail and relive the experience.

It can even be sued for educational and recreational purposes. VR 360 videos are becoming increasingly common in classrooms, museum tours, travel videos, and promotional content.

Why Choose AVB Media Asia?

For your VR 360 videography and photography needs, you will find a team of professionals with high-quality equipment ready to deliver you high-quality results. We prioritize your experience with us and ensure that our clients can work closely with us to provide you with a satisfactory service.

We have over 25 years of experience in this ministry and have worked with numerous reputable clients worldwide and served quality content to various companies from 10+ industries.

We also understand our clients’ different needs and diversity, so we provide high-quality media content like VR 360 videography and photography to all kinds of clients- from big to medium-sized to small.

Our affordability does not in any way compromise the quality of the service we deliver, as our production process is perfectly streamlined to meet your budgets.

Our Process At AVB Media Asia

With our decades of experience, highly skilled professional team, top-quality in-house equipment, and advanced editing suite, we provide you with the full package for your content needs.

You can assume an active role by working closely with us throughout our process. From the pre-production steps to the wrap-ups, you can be assured that our expertise and skills will meet the demands of any project.

We take a meticulous approach and handle each detail of the process with utmost dedication.

Planning and Storyboard Making

You will find that our policy to work closely with our clients ensures that all their demands are met. We mutually plan the best process, including the equipment to be used, the location, the style of video production, the editing requirements, and more to take the project further smoothly. We diligently work to understand and adapt the briefs to the VR 360 medium. After completing the script, we develop a creative storyboard to help you visualize your brief and illustrate it accordingly.

Location Scouting

There’s no shoot without a location first, so we help prep your desired location or scout one for you if needed. VR 360 videography requires precise knowledge of the shooting location, so we make sure to capture all the nuances and details of your chosen spot.


We handle the entire shooting process of your VR 360 videos with in-house equipment and our experienced professionals who see that all the technicalities for excellent predictions are met. We ensure that there is great attention to detail given and care taken throughout the shoot so that your video comes out most smoothly and realistically possible.

Post Production

Now that the shoot is done, we take the video through our post-production steps to give you an enhanced and seamless result.

Our post-production processes make certain to polish the VR 360 videos with the best software and creative programs to deliver a high-quality and realistic video. We also use our advanced editing suite to deliver you an experience that is sure to stay with you for a long time.


After testing the VR 360 video and ensuring that it is ready to be shipped to you, we begin our delivery process. We take care to deliver the video in the optimal file size and make sure that the format is compatible with your required platform or device. We want to make sure you can enjoy your video from anywhere conveniently and easily.

You can contact us for any queries or project details. We would love to hear from you.

Whether for yourself or your commercial business, if you want to view your event from the realistic VR 360 view, then start your journey here.

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