It requires big investment in hiring a team to create videos for your company, but the investment is well worth it. Videos have proven to be effective and therefore, companies are incorporating videos as part of their strategy. Choosing a video production house can be risky. Therefore, you need to be sure of the quality of the company before you hire them. How do you do this? Below are some tips before hiring a great video production house.

Behind the scene of D’ARK Coffee Bangkok Corporate Video

  • Don’t be impressed by a demo reel

Many production companies show their demo reel on their website. This is usually a one minute video, showcasing their past projects. Generally, the purpose is to show that they are an established company and have experience in creating videos. Pretty convincing right? Hold your thoughts. You have to be cautious. This is because usually, demos don’t show what the end product looks like. You need to have a video that doesn’t only look pretty, but that will work well for your company. A video that will communicate your message effectively. Look deeper into the company’s website and find videos that they have actually delivered to their customers.

  • Explore recent projects

Updating a website is time-consuming. Some companies don’t always show their recent videos. They do, however, post their recent projects on social media such as their Facebook page because it takes less time. That is why you should look at their Social Media to find their recent work. Recent projects give an accurate representation of their current standing.

  • Test the water for prices/Experiment with prices online

To get the right price for your project, post some estimates online. This may be time-consuming with all the process of bidding, but it’s worth. You will be able to find what the price ranges are. Next, consider the price by comparing it with the quality of their past projects. The company with the overall best value is the one you should hire.

  • Price matters

Whether you have a small or big budget, you will be able to find someone to create your video. If you have a limited budget, you can always hire a student or a start-up to create your video. If you have a big budget, you can hire a professional. However, do remember that the differences matter. The production quality of professionals won’t be the same as that of the students. These professionals who put their prices high are aware and confident of the quality that they can deliver. They have the skills, technique and experience. So if you have the budget, don’t hesitate to spend it big on professionals such as AVB Media Asia – Production House Bali.

Behind the scene of D’ARK Coffee Bangkok Corporate Video