The Holiday season – It’s everyone’s most anticipated time of the year. It’s the moment where people can relax and enjoy their time with their families and loved ones. The holiday season is full of seasonal celebrations and events that are perfect for content marketing.

One of the best ways to capture this is by using videos.

For the Hoteliers, video is a great tool to attract customers to their business. Certainly, they want their video content to be able to transform visitors into bookers. However, before launching their video, hoteliers need to come up with a good and solid strategy. Here are some inspiring tips for the hoteliers to create an effective video marketing strategy for the holiday.

  • Creating a strategy

Your video marketing strategy needs to be set up ahead of the holiday season, preferably a few months before it starts. The very first step in planning your strategy is to make a clear list of your goals, done through research. Pay attention to what travel topics are trending out there. Explore google to find out about the relevant topic. One way to do this is by using the right keyword searches and hashtag searches. Secondly, hoteliers need to decide the right timing in launching their video. Will you launch your video before the holiday to steal a start? Or launch it during the holiday to have a more focused campaign? All of these questions must be answered according to the research done by the hoteliers and the target consumers that they have in mind.

Next, make sure to look at reports from the previous years to gain useful information about past visitors. What made them excited? Which dates were the most popular? What types of products interest them the most? Eliminate ineffective strategies and keep effective ones.

When creating your video campaign, make sure to focus on your content and choose the best video production house. A light, fun and attractive content is the right way to do it. Avoid the hard sell. Consumers don’t want to be bog down by heavy promotion. Instead, be unique and be different from the other companies by creating a video that affects your visitor’s emotions.

  • The right types of videos to create

Once you have finished setting up your approach, consider the types of video content you want to create. This is the first door to attract your target audiences. Make use of all the data from your research to create an effective video. Below are some choices on the type of videos that may work for the holidays:

  • Video of your Hotel’s decoration – attract the visitors visually.
  • Videos of special events, deals and contests – more attractive to the consumer if there is something special offered to them
  • Videos showing the festive atmosphere – trigger the feeling of holiday excitement
  • Videos of events near the hotels – show the many choices around your hotel
  • Videos from previous holiday season celebrated in your hotel – prove of the fun and success

  • Time to post the video

Last but not least, posting the video. Once you are finished with the planning and creating the video, the next step is as important. No one can deny that the best place to post your video is through YouTube.  It is the second largest search engine that receives the most traffic after Google. Another reason why YouTube is the perfect place to post your video is because of its embed code. It allows you to post your video directly on your hotel’s website.

Image by Innermedia

One effective method to get more views is through the implementation of SEO tactics.  As mentioned earlier, searching for the correct keywords is crucial. It helps your video to get more engagement and your consumers can easily find you on the internet. Make sure to include those keywords in your description and title. Moreover, place the direct link of your video on your hotel’s site.

Another way for your video to get more views is done through social media. A platform such as Facebook, Twitter and Google+ are places where your audiences can have direct communication with you. Furthermore, posting your video on social media allow your followers to share, which in effect can boost its popularity.

The holiday season is the perfect time for people to have trips. Lure these travellers to your hotel by creating a solid video marketing campaign. Do thorough research about your consumers, get to know what they are looking for and create an effective video based on your research. With a combination of proper timing, right placement and execution, everyone including you and your customers will have a happy holiday at your hotel.