For the last few years, videos have played an important role in the digital marketing world. Video has proven to receive more engagement than any other digital content option.

It is believed by experts that video will soon take over internet content. When you work in a marketing world, especially in hotel marketing, you must understand the unparalleled impact of video. The internet is filled with consumers and the number one media of the internet is video. Because of its huge importance, knowing how best to harness the power of video is essential. It is such an important factor in connecting with your audience.

Image by Tecdisin

Here are the top 6 types of videos that hoteliers should know in order to increase their hotel’s impact on the internet:

#1 Virtual Tours – Simulation Video

Lure your online visitors to book a room by providing an online simulation experience. What can be better than that? A virtual walk around the hotel through a video. This virtual tour gives your online visitors a taste of the experience your hotel can offer. This way you can show off your hotel features and facilities and give your online visitors the feeling that they are there.

#2 Guests of the Month – Guests Appreciation Reward

Showing your appreciation to your guests is such a plus point. They like to feel that they are appreciated. By creating rewards like “Guest of the Month”, you can showcase the selling point of your hotel services and facilities.

There are so many ways to give this appreciation. You can humbly ask your guests to give their testimony about their experience staying at your hotel. You can film this and upload it on your site. In effect, this will make them feel appreciated. By showing your appreciation to your guests, your online visitors will see you are a hotel that takes guest relations seriously.

#3 User Content – Guests Involvement

You can show off your hotel’s good connection with guests. One of the ways is to upload user content. What is that? How? You can ask your guests to film themselves having fun and enjoying their stay at your property. Have them post their videos on their social media accounts and tag your hotel’s social media site. This will let you re-post it on your hotel’s site.

When your online visitors see some real testimonies about other people having fun at your hotel, they might want to have some of the same experiences themselves.

#4 Staff of the Year – Liven Your Property.

Let your online visitors see that your hotel is friendly and full of respect and appreciation by having your staff welcome them with a big smile online. Not only that, have your chosen staff of the week to talk about how great your hotel facilities, services, and environment are.

Adding videos about your “Staff of the Week” will leave an impression that your hotel has a friendly environment and welcoming staff.

#5 Local Events – Get Attached & Feel Safe.

How to lure more guests to come? Showing videos of what is happening in the local area can be one of the factors that will entice more guests.

Send your staff to join the events happening in the local area. It can be a cultural festival, local market, bazaar, annual or monthly events, local concert and so on. This will make your online visitors see that your hotel has a good connection with the local community. They might feel that your hotel is friendly and known in the neighbourhood. This will make them feel safe and trust you.

#6 Updates of your hotel facilities and services

Create a short video clip about your hotel updates such as facilities and services. Even if it is just a little renovation to a room or adding a new facility, new service in the spa, or even an addition of a gym facility or entertainment facility.

You can film a video of your guests enjoying the new facilities or services. Or maybe, you can film your hotel chef showing off his or her skill preparing a new dish for the hotel’s restaurant.

Above all, the videos you make should tell the story of your hotel.  Let your online visitors have a similar experience to your hotel guests. Have them be attached to the customs, culture and characteristics of your hotel. Pack all of those things in a short, luring clip on your site. People who feel an attachment to your hotel are more likely to book a stay.