Bali is an island in Indonesia that offers a variety of cuisines. These diverse cuisines and many things in Bali are provided by small cafes, upscale luxury restaurants, and also five-star hotels. Many Balinese restaurants serve customers with western specialties and some have a complex taste. Indonesian specialties and authentic Balinese dishes are also presented in full through various Balinese restaurants. Here are some Best Restaurants in Bali that you can visit to enjoy the best dishes.

1.    Abe Do

Abe Do is one of the recommendations, this small restaurant is famous for a variety of raw dishes. The interior of Abe Do restaurant features bright lime green paint in the entrance area. The seating is comfortable, and it’s surrounded by unique works of art. Abe Do restaurant offers a wide variety of dishes, some of which are inspired by local dishes, such as Balinese curry spring rolls, fried rice, fried noodles, special omelets, and others.

These dishes are very popular with those regulars at Abe Do’s. The menu at Abe Do also includes a wide selection of refreshing juices. Abe Do is able to provide a relaxed atmosphere that encourages many visitors to linger here. Abe Do’s address is at Tirta Tawar Road Number 43, Ubud, Bali.

2.    Bale Bali

Bale Bali is able to provide visitors with a very unique cultural experience. The various dishes served at Bale Bali are inspired by Javanese and Chinese specialties. The décor is also complemented by colorful Chinese ornaments and antiques. There are two floors here that open to the outside, this restaurant also provides a beautiful waterfall and tropical garden. Bale Bali has been open since 1998. Bale Bali’s special menu is fried rice.

To be more precise, it is delicious spicy rice fried with chicken, egg, and shrimp. There is also a dim sum menu at Bale Bali that can arouse anyone’s taste. Vegetable dumplings, shiumay, and other types of dim sum are served in a traditional bamboo basket. In addition to the many dishes that you can choose from, the price is also appropriate. Bale Bali’s location is at Kunti Road Number 4, Seminyak, Bali.

3.    Bali Asli

Resto Bali Asli is another recommendation, this restaurant has a principle. The principle is to promote local Balinese dishes and share various Balinese cultures without having to exploit them. Bali Asli is firmly committed to providing Balinese specialties with local ingredients from there. The cooking methods of the chefs in Bali Asli are also traditional. The location of Bali Asli is in the Mount Agung area, surrounded by greenery and founded by a Chef, Penelope Williams.

He worked in Sydney and London before establishing Best Restaurants in Bali. At Bali Asli, you can not only enjoy delicious dishes. The restaurant also offers cooking classes, guided food tours, and so on. The tour promotes an in-depth understanding of various Balinese cuisines. The location is on Gelumpang Road, Karangasem, Bali.

4.    Bebek Bengil

The location of the Bebek Bengil restaurant is in Ubud, Bali. This restaurant has been known to Balinese people for a long time because it has been around since 1990. A typical dish of Bebek Bengil is that half of the duck is steamed using special spices, then fried. The dish is served with stir fry, selected potatoes, salad, rice, and Balinese vegetables. It’s not just duck that is a recommended dish, the menu worth trying includes a wide variety of dishes.

Various seafood dishes and other meat dishes are also worth trying. Various vegetarian menu options are also available here. The nuance here is quite beautiful because it overlooks trees and views of rice fields. The location of the Bebek Bengil restaurant is on Hanoman Road, Ubud, Bali.

5.    Lamak Bali

This one restaurant is able to present a unique tradition from Bali through its decorations and cuisine menu. Resto Lamak Bali combines a variety of local dishes, classic dishes, and more. The taste of European and Asian cuisine is here. You can try a steamed seafood dish with a delicious green chili curry broth. You can try a variety of vegetarian menus, such as tomato risotto with sauteed mushroom seasoning.

There is another uniqueness in Lamak Bali such as its elegant interior with a combination of stone, carving, and local wood. Alcoholic beverages such as wine and cocktails are also available at this restaurant. The location is on Monkey Forest Street, Ubud area, Bali.

6.    Mozaic

Mozaic is the Best Restaurants in Bali that is even famous in Asia. This restaurant presents a variety of Asian specialties and these menus are always innovative. So you can enjoy a culinary adventure at this Mozaic restaurant. This restaurant offers a set menu and some are unusual menus. The roast pigeon dish is one of those dishes that is unusual. There’s also boiled radicchio, and so on.

7.    Mamasan

Mamasan is the restaurant of a reliable Chef, Will Meyrick. He is a culinary figure in Bali, Mamasan is a restaurant as well as a bar. There is an interesting decoration at Mamasan restaurant, which is a retro feel inspired by the old Shanghai era. Although the interior of the Mamasan restaurant looks trendy, the atmosphere is very relaxed. We can enjoy a variety of foods and chat for a long time with friends.

Some of Mamasan’s restaurant menus serve staple dishes from Indonesia, and a variety of popular Asian dishes from India, Singapore, Cambodia, and Vietnam. There is a gluten-free menu that is suitable for vegetarians available here. The location of Mamasan restaurant is on Kerobokan Road Number 135, Bali.

8.    Sea Circus

Sea Circus has various identities, be it Best Restaurants in Bali, coffee shops, and cocktail bars. Sea Circus serves a variety of small dishes such as roasted pumpkin honey risotto with parmesan and spinach. There is also a menu of shrimp with bacon which comes with Vierge sauce and lemon potatoes. There are plenty of other great dishes at Sea Circus such as delicious fish tacos drizzled with beer. There is also a veggie burger that uses mango, mustard, onion, and guacamole.