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Video is a great way to convey the value of your brand, and it’s also an ingenious way to keep people in touch with your page. In order to achieve your video marketing goals, you need a variety of different video types. Here are six types of business videos content you should consider making right now :

  • Product Promotional Video

Is it not easy to explain the products or services you sell succinctly? Product Promotional Video shows the features and advantages of your product or service, and often provides examples of how the product works while attracting an audience. You will give a brief detailed overview of the object that makes the viewers hungry for information and call on them to take an action. A great promotional video leads to a more personal conversation without overly exaggerating the sales aspect. This type of video not only can increase brand awareness but also increase traffic to your website or specific landing page as well as lead generation. We suggest durations of 90 – 120 seconds for the product video because that can optimize when you will be shared on social media platforms as brand awareness to potential customers.

  • Company Profile Video

Do you think you’re cool? Are you unique? The pioneer? Show It! Company profile video describes who you are and what the company really cares about. Not only showcasing customers all the great values you are living in but also stating you as the good fit when trying to grab the best talent for the teams.

  • Social Media Activation Video

Social media activation video has proven itself as the most effective way to increase participation and grab audiences in this digital era. Whatever social media platforms you choose, the post can attract traffic for the website or simply live on your profile which definitely increases brand awareness. Make it an attractive not more than 2 minutes video, as your viewers will scroll out quickly. Triumph is yours when it goes viral. The content of social media videos can be about your product or service introduction, event updates , content about promotions, campaign activation, etc.  Here are the examples of our works for social media series. Have a look! Pursuit of Balance

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  • Testimonial Video

Telling people how satisfying your products work on a real person is what you need in order to convince the potential customer and grab more market share. Showcase it in an attractive way by using the audiovisual format, where it is easier to be figured out than to read the passage. Unaware to many, people influence people. Need some testimonial inspiration? Check our works here

  • Live Stream

The live stream video is a video that your company can do right away. If you’re already hosting conferences, conducting seminars, doing live stream surely can wider your audience. One of the platforms that you can use is Facebook Live. Since there’s really no post-production process, you have to prepare and make sure to direct speakers to stand in the frame, also you need to use a tripod to keep the shot steady. When the camera is rolling and the event ended, your video is wrapped up! We know that the idea of ​​creating a video can be overwhelming, especially when you are trying to decide which types of videos you should make in your business. Seeking help from a professional production company in Bali can be the right choice, and AVB Media Asia is one of the best in this field to help you with all kinds of videos. With over 25+ years of experience in video making, editing, as well as photography, we are ready to help you