It is undeniable that the use of video marketing to attract the prospects in the middle of the crowds shows rapid growth. It is highly used by marketers both in B2B and B2C markets.

Video is not just a media that everybody can make use of it. Even now, top marketers make use of video to engage more prospects. Get involved in the crowd, gain more responses, lead in markets competition, and boost their rank.

Crowds! Get ready for the show. Big scales of marketers are used to the video as content for their brand. The competition among the marketers will color the digital markets in 2016.

So, what will 2016 be for video marketing? What will your plan be for a year?

These might be some prediction to be considered. Watch out!

1. Email Marketing Must has video to get back to the track

Email marketing is an important instrument for modern marketing. But, it seems that its rate is decreasing. Even mass ignore the email. What do we expect from the prospects? Everyone’s email is flooded with countless messages.

Just then, GetResponse Study found that billions of emails with video get higher click rate for 96% that those without.

That proves that video can be an effective booster to get back mass attention. We’ll witness that 1-to-1 personalized video in email marketing will catch the mass’s eyes and who knows, the prospects too.

This will not only increase the popularity of marketing email but also to get the email’s role as the lead generator of gaining data back.

2. Video Revolute to Interactive

We all knew the use of interactive video can create 2-way conversation with digital audience. It takes more part in content marketing program, especially B2B markets.

We’ll see the competition among the marketers to use the interactivity with the mass by embedded questionnaires, surveys, and other similar interactive types to drag their attention into a plot and get responses in a minute or even in a second.

Bored? we might meet “choose-your-own-adventure” style video. This will enable viewers to choose their own content journey. So, marketers, are you ready to create an interactive smooth experience video to gain a mass without dismissing what means of the video itself?

3. Personalize yourself

Personalization for digital marketing is a kind of fashion. It has a specific impact on its content. Data personalization has the significant impact on results, both the content itself and content journey. Start by adding the name on an email at first, and result in the advance techniques in personalizing content.

Wait and see. What innovation can marketers offer to the crowds in 2016 to be noticed by their prospects?

4. From Sales to Marketing

Videos are powerful enough as a marketing tool. In fact, they hold stronger power as a sales tool.

Research Report by Ascend2 shows that companies are considering the effectiveness of different types of videos in the following rank:
1. Customer testimonials
2. On-demand product demonstration videos
3. Explainer and tutorial videos
4. Thought leader interviews
5. Project reviews and case studies
6. Live and on-demand webinars
7. Video blogs
8. Event videos

Customer testimonial and the on-demand product are the simplest video marketing. Surprisingly, it listed in the first, isn’t it?

The “competition” among the marketers will reach the bottom first. The sales team will be the marketers’ first barricade to help them to sell, demo, and prove that their product is the best in the market.

The more sales team marketers’ drag will create more customized and personalized video to share and reach their prospects.

Video marketing and video production are an essential for many businesses. Just like writing, content marketing, PR, and social media does. Video has made a significant role these past few years.

Content – both information and entertainment are getting better time to time.

Users – organizations and institutions are getting more tactical in using the video as their marketing.

Crowds! Get Ready! The use of video for sales and marketing in both B2B and B2C is still developing and they possess a high potential.

Let’s wait and see. We might see more incredible innovation from organizations or institutions. Once they found its potential, surely they will push the limit even harder. Are you ready for the crowd, Crowds?