Video has been proven to be the best medium in presenting information as well as maximizing engagement with customers. According to the studies done by InfoGraphic world, a human can process visual 60,000 times faster than text or audio.

Image by Adweek

So, why not use the tools that have been proven to work effectively? Below are ways on how you can use video marketing to your advantage:

  • Connection is key

In the marketing world, it is in the highest priority to understand all about your customers, who they are, what they are looking for, what they like etc. Once you have this figured out, create your messaging that resonates with your customers. By using the power of emotions, you can create content that is relevant and personal to your audiences. In result, your customers will feel a special connection with your brand.

  • Tell a story

For maximum impact, put a storyline to your video. Storytelling is believed to be one of the fundamental methods of communication. You want your video to have an introduction, a middle part, and an ending. You don’t want your audience to have any reaction after your video ends. Play with your viewer’s emotions. Create something that can trigger their reaction, from laughing, smiling to cheering.

  • Sometimes less is better

Human attention span is currently at 8 seconds. It’s explainable because of people like brief, short but clear information. Fortunately, video works perfectly with this situation. We recommend having videos no longer than 3 minutes.

  • Quality not quantity

In this day and age, almost everyone has smartphones, laptops, or tablets. Your viewers will be watching your videos through one of these, and from different platforms. So make sure your video works everywhere. In addition, your video should be in high definition because people like it when they can enjoy watching in the highest quality.

  • Offer a solution

It turns off consumers’ interest when they know that you are trying to sell them something. It shows that you only care about your products, less about them.  In general, people get annoyed being asked to buy. If you offer solutions to the demands or problems that they are facing, they will be interested in you. Who doesn’t like having their lives made easier? Create a video that doesn’t try to sell but to show your audience that you have the way to solve the problem.

  • Use customer data

Customers like it when they can relate to the brand. One way of doing this is by showing that you care about them. Use the data you have stored in your CRM database and create personalized content. Moreover, transform your generic stories into a more personal type.  Use this method to engage with your customers by using your customers’ names, purchase histories etc.

  • Encourage your viewers to engage in action

The ending of your video should be a call to action. Figure out what it is you want to do, and directly ask them to do it. Whether it’s minimizing the use of plastic or submitting contact information, let them know clearly.

  • Be concise

Don’t include your video with too much information. Make sure to strategize what you want to convey to your audience, and be brief. It is important to note that video is a multi-sensory medium so make use of the visuals and audio.

  • It’s okay to be emotional

Build your culture, your own world for your brand. Invite your customers to explore and see what your brand is all about. Consider how you want your customers to feel when they are engaged with the brand. Should they feel inspired, excited or adventurous? Use video to reflect your company’s core values.  With the use of rich visuals combined with the right messaging and audio, you’ll create a strong bond with your customers. Subsequently, this can lead to increased engagement and loyalty.