Are your families the Facebook user? Or your closest friend? Or even you yourself?

Who will not? We can make our personalized profile page, post video, pictures, our thoughts. We can even share others’ page or web, picture, and video and many other features. No doubt, Facebook is one of the largest social media. Though, it has an unsteady relationship with marketers since the last few years. When they have introduced amazing new pages options, they have changed their organic display algorithm many times. This is the way to limit the number of company posts flooded to their followers.

Recent observation shows the result of Facebook’s F8 conference. As one of the largest social networks, there are many changes made about the offering for marketers. The most thrilling changes are involving video policy. They observed that more than 4 billion viewers are having their attention on video posts and this number is continually growing. They watch, like, comment and even share it.

Image by Milnoticias

So now, here is why marketers should pay their attention more to Facebook video and some TIPS on how to add Facebook to your video marketing strategy?


Videos on Facebook catch a billion viewers daily. How could not be? They are silently auto-played once they appear on your News Feed. While on YouTube people will need to search for, or discover, then click the play button first to be able to see the content. Indeed, it needs accurate detail engagement to make your content easy to search.

Since it plays automatically without sound, surely you need to create a captivating appearance to make your followers stop their scrolling activity and choose to turn on the sound. You can put a tempting thumbnail that will wake their curiosity or you can put compelling spell-like text.

This should not be forgotten. Make it short and leave a strong feeling. People will not waste their time to watch 10 minutes advertising video on their News Feed. Leave a sweet impression that will make them re-watch over and over again.

Facebook – Scrapbook

Imagine! The concept of Facebook itself is as simple as a scrapbook. It is personal and you can choose who are able to see your posts. There are options given whether you want to show it to your friends or you allow public to see your posts.

Well, let’s think this way. Marketers should have known that YouTube may be the second largest search engine. But then, Facebook is the largest social network and they are offering expansions on their video. Tempting, isn’t it? Put your video content on Facebook is a great option for your video production strategy.

It is easy to share. One-click action will allow your content to be spread for the public. It is as easy as turn the scrapbook page. Plus, if your content is compelling enough, your followers will happily share it on their own page or any other page they linked with.

From some studies, Facebook is known as a platform for great branded competition. Now, it offers the marketers to let their videos content to be only shown on their own brand page. This way will let the followers to open the brand page.

It offers easy options for user-generated content. Facebook lets your followers post their content video to your page as easy as to post on their own page or to reply and give comment. Remember when a little kid let their friend read and write a testimony on his scrapbook.

Mobile Friendly

Well, people are keep mobile and move. While that, they spend their time to check their online page. It is recently reported that Facebook has more than 2.2 billion users. More than half of them browse through their mobile devices such as tablets, smartphones, and others.

Image by ROI Online

We know that YouTube is a famous app exists in the devices. But, we also have already known that people riding bus or train on their way to work are not checking YouTube to spend their spare times. They would prefer to check their profile page to see what’s new. Facebook has become the most clicks daily. People will always curios to check the News Feed that they can consume beside their lunch.

So, what else are you thinking of? As the largest social network, Facebook has launched Facebook Lite, a bare down version of its app. This Facebook Lite is designed to operate on lower Android devices or devices with slower internet access. And wonderfully, it is available for users in developing countries. People can get accustomed to it easily.

That should be quite a great proof that Facebook is a great place for advertising your video content. Your prospects are always looking for something to distract them. Provide attracting, tempting, fancy, inviting content to turn on your followers’ curiosity. They will definitely spend their free time to ‘stalk’ your page.

Facebook Video can be everywhere

From their F8 conference, Facebook gives such a good offering for its users. Facebook videos are able to be re-embedding to any blog and website platform. This will take advantage of the marketers. People who are really interested in the content will voluntarily and happily share it to their own page.

This may seem that this new feature make YouTube is being swept aside. Marketers can do the easy sharing style of YouTube by this recent innovation from Facebook without getting the limitation as in YouTube simple analytics.

Image by Tubular Insights

Well, this is a great opportunity for marketers to deliver their content public. But, it should be known that they cannot take it easily. Facebook’s analytic skills are still limited. So, it will be much better to make your own site as the host of our content.

No need another Channel (?)

There are lots of social networks offer easy ways to publish your content video. There are many chances to build a community. Many audiences build their community through networks. This may confuse marketers. You should be careful in choosing and picking.

For hosting a video, Facebook seems promising in giving benefits for marketers. They can grab the benefit by building some communities of loyal followers through this site. Marketers are allowed to make their video auto-played in the crowd of News Feeds. We can also easily catch followers by mobile devices every day.

So, will Facebook become one of your content video marketing strategies?