Which one do you prefer to operate when you are on a train, getting off to work, waiting to arrive at your destination? A notebook or a smartphone? I would prefer to play with my smartphone checking on my News Feed on social media or check the latest update about my work.

If your targets are those who are too busy to open up their notebook and the person who are always on standby for news updates, then you need to make optimization on your mobile video.

For the last few years, mobile optimization has become a hot topic of conversation. As Google announced last year, the mobile experience will start to take a leading role in mobile devices. At this stage, you need to realize that it is a must to make sure your online experience is optimized for mobile devices.

Are you B2B?

Believe it or not, whether you are a prodigy in a B2B market or B2C, both are competing for the same behaviour in the market. Some studies stated that: B2B product research on mobile is actually catching up to B2C behaviours.

Image by Bizza Tech

All business people are the same. Your B2B customer shares a similar way of thinking and behaviour to your ordinary customer. They do research on their desktop before they decide to make a deal. Isn’t it the same with your ordinary customer?

And…… they will also attach to their mobile devices to keep browsing, comparing, and researching. They will always spare their time to take this chance.

We can see now that video plays a big role.

Here are some cited findings of business behaviour towards mobile devices:

  • According to IDG firm research: 61% of B2B customers will spend their time to watch mobile videos related to their work. Mobile videos content outside the work will be accessed by 57% of them.
  • Report from Forrester: They found that around 54% of the customer of B2B companies selling online is using smartphones to do research on suitable products.
  • According to IDG firm research: 61% of B2B customers will spend their time to watch mobile videos related to their work. Mobile videos content outside the work will be accessed by 57% of them.
  • A survey from Forbes: They surveyed about 511 executives and found that they use mobile devices for their entire purchase process:
  1. Around 70% of executives choose mobile devices to do research on the products or services directly after the first hearing.
  2. Around 57% of them choose mobile devices to conduct further research.
  3. More than 33% of the executives keep on finding the references throughout mobile devices until they reach the final decision.

Based on that data, let’s make sure you take this opportunity to make your videos optimized.

Image by SEO Agency

How to optimize your mobile journey?

This is a really simple concept. Here are the things to make sure that your videos will work well on mobile devices:

#1 First of all, make your videos short and clear. Put your focus on optimizing the kind of videos that the mobile viewers will spend their time on. Designing the videos for mobile devices means you have to get ready with the hectic distractions and even shorter attention spans that exist in us.

#2 Don’t forget to design your thumbnails so that it fits the smaller screens. Not like on the desktop that allows large video thumbnail, you need the small one that would fit for a smartphone. On a mobile phone, you may only need the one smaller than 640px. It may be reduced all the way down to 128px. For this matter, but something that is unique to be at the front gate – thumbnail – of your content video. Make it as simple as beautiful it can be.

#3 Provide a small white space for the navigation, space for your viewers to scroll up and down. Remember! It’s not the desktop that you can scroll through the extra ‘scrollers’.

#4 Make sure that your videos are easy to find and navigate on mobile devices. How to make sure of this? Use the analytics to check whether your videos are currently being watched by your prospects.