The use of video and multimedia have greatly increased in the last few years, and numbers are still growing. Studies have shown that the use of videos resulted in 1200% more shares than images and texts combined.

Image by ComoComunica

That is why we see social media giants like Twitter, Instagram and Facebook incorporating videos in their strategy. Take Instagram for example. They recently introduced stories, which is a feature very similar to snap chat. The main reason they shift focus is due to the overwhelming popularity of videos in the digital world.

Below are 6 reasons why your company should join the video world:

  • Improve customer conversion

Conversion is one of the most important aspects of marketing. All marketers want to see their conversion rates go higher. The best way to do this, as proven by research, is by incorporating videos. Homepage videos increase conversions to 20%, and videos on landing pages can convert conversions by 80%.

  • Effective absorption of information

Human attention spans are about 8 seconds. That is shorter than the attention span of a goldfish! (9 seconds). Studies have shown that our attention span has decreased by 4 seconds in the last 15 years. With this ever-decreasing statistics, marketers need to offer consumers something that will attract their interest. You don’t want your consumers to skip your content because they don’t have enough time or their attention will quickly disappear. Just imagine yourself on Facebook. Are you more interested in looking at a video or text-based posts? Videos have shown to attract people’s attention far more effectively than text due to its vibrant content.

  • Promote your brand personality

Videos can be one effective way to show off your brands. Consumers want to be able to relate to brands. Create a video that shows what your company is all about, adding your own unique style that is able to resonate with your consumers. A successful video is one that can separate you with your competitors.

  • Easy access to video

If you compare today, with let’s say, five years ago, everything about videos is easily accessible than ever. You can find editors anywhere online, and editing software is much easier and much cheaper. So make use of the opportunity!

  • Bigger chance of getting viral

First thing first. Create creative video that your consumer can relate to. Spend a good amount of time creating entertaining content for your video. If your content is good, the result will amaze you! Your video will have the chance to go viral. According to research, 92% of video watchers will share it online. That wonderful statistics could be yours too!

  • Videos work fortune with emails

According to e-marketers, companies that are using videos on their emails have seen a 50% increase in their click rates and 41% in the sharing and forwarding of the email. More companies have included videos in their emails as their main strategy.

If you have not done this, you should start doing it. The statistics are more than enough to prove that it works effectively. Videos are taking over the online world. Therefore, start incorporating video on your online platforms today!