Video can do many things that other media can’t. It has a unique feature to stimulate the human brain and emotion to produce a response. If you are a marketing player especially in the travelling field, you should know best how to play with video content. Whether you are dealing with providing information on tourism spot, giving service as a travel agency, or offering the pleasure in your hotel property, knowing the importance of video as one of your marketing strategies is a must.

In the travelling industry, videos have a powerful ability to awake your viewers’ emotion and generate their mind to make a decision. Feeding and spoiling your online visitors through a virtual tour with the true portrayal of a landscape, nature sound, and the involvement of people are one-way to generate their interest. It creates the feeling of being in the spot as if they are there.

In addition, video content can be used as a teaser of travelling destinations. Showcasing the landscape, main spots, activities, special occasions – like local events – and iconic cuisines can have a positive effect on our viewers’ emotion and mind.

You can even make storytelling through a video. Travelling industry is a type of field where you can maximize the use of video as part of your digital marketing strategy. By using video as part of the marketing strategy, your brand can reach your target audiences and effectively transform them into customers. Research has shown that travelling decision is easily affected by the motion picture. Those videos will be able to help marketers of the travelling industry to influence the prospects’ decision. As stated in many articles and reports, the motion picture has a great impact on decision making.

So, what else are you waiting for?

Video as a digital marketing strategy?

These are some effective tips on how to use video as part of the marketing strategy that can affect travel decision.

  • Break the crowds

A lot of brands start to flood the internet traffic with their amazing motion pictures of travelling video. They are competing to catch the attention of travellers. What about you? Let’s break the crowds too. Create video content that will help your audience to choose their destination, activity, or hotel. Let them get to focus on the iconic thing and lead them to get inspired through your video content.

  • 1st Person approach

When the viewers have more opportunity to get involved with your video content, the easier you can get a chance to make a deal with them. The ordinary video only lets viewers get amazed in the storylines.

Let’s be more attractive by using interactive or first-person video. These types of video are able to create a reality-like experience for your online visitors. Furthermore, providing additional choices and letting them get involved in the content will make the video personal to them. The feeling of attachment will increase the chance of booking decision.

  • Mix match and get the wanted results

Video, indeed, is a great tool to deliver the message to the prospects in a very fast way. Make it more interactive by providing the viewers with the beautiful idea of motion pictures concepts, additional amazing effect, and great plot of storylines.

This is why a beautiful video content can only be successfully produced with the right strategic implementation plan. Every detail needs to be exact, clear, and accurate from the start. A study stated that it is all about combining the placement, integration and messaging. Those are the factors needed to generate the numbers of viewers, invite competitive shares,  and increase booking rates.

There is an example reported that a video placement in e-mails is one of the suitable ways to increase the rate of conversion up to 60%.

In conclusion, for the travelling industry, video is the most effective marketing tool because it allows you to maximize your ideas and create a content that can positively affect customer’s travelling decision