The adrenaline rush based tourism is getting more appealing in the travel industry today. For marketers, this new trend can’t be ignored. Travel ads showing dangerous and difficult location is proven to be more appealing. The rise of dangerous tourism has paved the way for the birth of drone videos. Previously, it was difficult to capture great footage of locations that are considered to be off-limits, such as volcanoes, cliffs and waterfalls.  Now, through the use of drones, getting to these difficult and harsh locations is easier than ever.

Filming at Holiday Inn Resort Phi Phi Island

The founder of GE Aerials, a drone photo, and video company, Nick Gash has also said that “There’s human desire to fly, to be able to see above your normal perspective.” There are no boundaries when it comes to drones. It has an advantage of safely capturing aerial footages of places that would otherwise be impossible to get to.

 Nick Gash also added that “drones can do more and better than any other traditional video equipment.” Furthermore, unlike helicopters that put human lives on risk, drones can go through tight and small places without putting anyone lives on the line. One other important aspect of using drones is its relatively low cost, considering its abilities to go to more places and capture high-quality footages.

Behind the scene of our latest project video

This new charm in the travel video production has caught the attention of people and marketers. The new drone technology has paved the way for forward-thinking photographers like Nick Gash to seized the opportunity and create a growing business. The popularity of drone videos in a global world has reached the top chart and there is no sign of slowing down. One evidence can be seen on the website that is now dealing with user-generated drone videos from over the world. The report stated that the site has around 17,000 videos to deal with and it receives 16-60 new drone videos daily. Moreover, traffic originated from 170 different countries in the world.

The special characteristics of drones have given a new shed of light in the world of video production and the travel industry. It is believed that this “ground-breaking storytelling tool,” as Gary calls it, will expand and be widely used in the future.