Who knows, the community does make the rules in the digital marketing world. Industry? They follow the rules. Why is that? Since Ogilvy and Mather published The Red Papers: The Digital Social Contract, all of the industry opens their eyes and mind to the fact. What fact? On the paper, Ogilvy and Mather just stated that for today’s digital marketing, community’s demand has everything to be obeyed.

Many brands and media social companies are competing and will still do to maintain and mend their existence in digital marketing. The paper points that old broadcast system and some media institution are so old fashion to compete in today’s digital marketing. Marketers should know that there are updates in social and digital rules.

The Red Paper itself proves their level of accuracy by putting some critical data. So, it’s not that questioning if the prediction on “81% of the online audience will watch the video in the year of 2019” appeared.

Today’s audiences are born in the internet generation. They are more media savvy and knowhow in the digital world and those social media. Those types of audiences are aged between 12-30. That is a productive age and does familiar in analyzing, responding, and criticizing.

Study says that over 400 hours of video are uploaded every single minute on YouTube. Those videos are consumed by billion users all around the world. To conclude, this is the real challenge for marketers. The number of video contents uploaded is more than any user can watch. They, the audiences, are smart, critical, and picky. They are knowledgeable digital media users.

It’s a gambling yet it’s a huge investment. Billion online audiences out there are waiting for your bait to drag them into your ideas and end up trusting you. We can say that the investment in making a video for marketing strategies is somehow promising:

– In 2015, social and digital media users consumed around 76 minutes each day on online video.

– From those 76 minutes, the 39 spent by watching video through the mobile phone or any other gadget.

– By 2019, 81% of internet users will make watching video online as their regular activity.

– In the US, 93% of children between 12-17 watch online video regularly. For 18-24-year-olds the figure is 96%, for those aged 25-34 it’s 90% and for GenX it is 88%.

Well, it has still become a question why the old advertising company still using their old system by spending too many dollars on network TV. They will only reach few people like themselves. While many others are out there busy on using their online time to catch up everything. Interacting with social media means interacting with today’s generation of audiences. It appears that visual plays the important part in the engagement.

The authors of the Red Paper do not brag with their words when they dare to talk like this:

“Something is askew here, and it’s not the audience, the platforms, or the creators. Advertisers and agencies are the ones out of alignment. Marketers are still grasping to understand digital video on every level, from platform decisions to talent assessment, from audience preferences to basic digital courtesy, from intermediate metrics to nonexistent effectiveness data”.

In every way, it is not the audiences or the steps or not even the creators, the ones who still out of the alignment. Those marketers are still fighting and tumbling to understand about digital video means. From its core meaning to the most advanced way include the benefit for both parties.

The crucial fact that most of the decision makers of most brands, agencies, media companies, and even “the olds” – as quoted from ReelSEO – and most of us do not have a bit idea what is flipping the funnel from exposure to engagement. Most of the savvy brands have tried to move or might have moved from the exposure to engagement model so they will get direct feedback from the audiences.

Let’s say that sharing sites such YouTube or Vimeo grabs billions of audiences every minute. So, what else? People’s attention today is on the line of social media. Why busy creating complicated one while your audiences are waiting on the simple method.

For video marketers, check out “The Digital Social Contract” of the Red Paper. It is a must-reading material.