One cliché question is often faced by every producer when it comes to a video making. The coming clients will always ask, “How much it costs?” Simple question but an experienced producer will provide an answer by giving lined questions. It is not weird or unprofessional, but it is the truth.

For some reasons, making a video is like a stage manager plans a stage set. Lots of consideration and details. It is like what kind of stage decoration – how is the lighting – how many audiences – who are they – including the budget set.

It might be a lot easier when the clients’ show a video as an example, then the producer can simply give an estimation for the budget. But producing a video is much more than the budget itself. It involves lots of details and information. And we need to note everything you wish unexceptionally before the estimation proposed.

Many factors are waiting to be dig. We need to consider things and stuff such audiences, production value expected, what kind of video that will catch the value of your company or your own self, and the important thing is to approximate the cost that you can actually spend.

However, the requirements and expectations for a “talking head” appeared in a flash use will be very different from the huge companies with their hit product launch video. It is no use for you to get an estimation on a field while you are working on another totally different field. It will be such a wasting.

Then, if you need suggestion in this field never hesitate to talk to us. This would be a great pleasure to us to serve you in your very best way. We have gained 22 years worth of compelling video and experienced in multimedia. We can help you to portray your goal, suggest you on how to reach your goal within your budget, and help you in maximizing every penny you spend to be the qualified product shown up on the screen.

We talk and we’ll explore and catch up video production choices of you and how does the budget involve here. These are some factors we might need to first consider:

• Concept
– first, we need to know whether you do already have the concept, or we help you to design one.

• Openness
– will you open to another concept if yours is more expensive to produce than your estimation?

• Precise concept
– what exactly needs to be shot? This will determine what equipment we need during the production.

• Crew
– how many crew we need for the process of producing?

• Timetable
– we need to be clear how many days of shooting and create a schedule to make it precise.

• Venue
– we need to determine the desired location for the shoot and consider about the expenses.

• Pros
– do we need to hire actors or models or voice actors? Or you have your own people to do it.

• Editing
– we also need to estimate the complexion of editing process we will need.

• Special effects
– we need to consider whether to use the refine graphics and special effects or just the simple one.

• BGM(Background Music)
– will there be original music from you, or existing music, or we don’t need music at all

• Timing
– how long do you estimate the duration of the video is going?

• Definition
– Do you need an HD video or standard definition is please enough. The HD video will come out great but you will need to spend more pennies. Standard definition video is cool enough and more practical, especially for a commercial web.

Well, actually there are a lot of factors that affect the cost of video production. We cannot simply decide to go to one company that offers the lower price than others. The lower price of video production is tempting. But, it cannot guarantee the best result as you wish.

If you only have a limited budget, please let us know it. Give us range. Whether your estimation is around $25,000, $50,000 or $250,000. We have experienced in producing the videos in those kinds of levels. It will be best if you communicate that up in front so we can work together in harmony to create a concept of your wish and plan the production in a way that suits your style within your range budget.

We are AVB Media Asia can promise you that we will bring the video of your dream whatever its size and range of your project. And we will be so very proud to serve you in all the way.