Email marketing is an incredibly powerful tool for getting messages directly to your clients. It strengthens client relationships and keeps reminding your prospects to reach out to you. Whatever emails you’re sending, it’s important that you consider what you’re trying to accomplish and structure your message and strategy accordingly. Here the few tips :

Build your subscriber list

Make sure your list is always growing passively with a signup feature on your website. Subscription forms should be on your home page, blog page, and everywhere else you can fit it without taking away from more important content. You can also build your list, for example, if you have a booth at an industry conference, make an option for people to sign up for your newsletter. It can turn into a business opportunity later

Pay attention to the email body text

Create quality content to get a good engagement. Email marketing content is not always about selling or offering services, but it can be for brand awareness so that email does not go into the spam folder. Also, add photos to enhance the visuals

Make an interesting subject & Call to Action

The subject of email marketing is one of the triggers for the audience to open the email, so writing a good email subject is important to note. Don’t forget to always include visually striking buttons with text that give readers more than one opportunity to interact (e.g., Find out more! Download Now! etc.)

Keep it Mobile Friendly

image by Nordwood

Do you know that mostly of emails are opened on mobile devices these days? Guessing you have your phone next to your bed and the first thing you do each morning is check your phone for calls, messages also emails! Here are tips on how to make it more mobile friendly:

-Implement responsive email design (RED): Creating a responsive email design means that the user experience is optimized regardless of the device or screen they use. Most email service providers (ESP) offer this solution within their email functionality.

-Keep the subject line short: Keep it short so the reader knows exactly what the email topic is about. 

-Make the CTA obvious: Make the call to action, big, bold, and simple to click.

Do an evaluation

Evaluate email marketing with this indicator :

Open rate: the percentage of the audience who opens the email

Bounce Rate: Presentation of emails that fail to enter the inbox. Usually caused by an error or email server is no longer active

Click Through Rate: The percentage of viewers who click on a link in an email

Unsubcribe Rate: Percentage of unsubscribe audiences

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