Each year video marketing trends come and go. Otherwise, it’s good to keep an eye over them as you continue your quest to optimize your video marketing. Videos engage auditory and visual senses, allowing it to get your message across more efficiently than other visual content. So, these are the video trends to keep an eye on 2020

Video marketing on social media

According to Reports digital 2020 in Indonesia, there were 160 million social media users in Indonesia in January 2020. The number of users in Indonesia increased by 12 million (+8.1%) between April 2019 -January 2020. Putting video marketing to the social media platform can be a huge benefit. The video content tailored to the ideal format of each social media platform. It will provide the best experience for the audience while watching it. It would increase the visibility and organic reach of the video content, and increase the level of audience engagement. Social media trends in 2020 include YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and TikTok. Interesting fact, 65% of impressions an ad on Instagram come from videos.

Videos will become “shoppable”

It’s reasonable to predict that you’ll soon be able to buy products via video. You’ll get links to them by interacting with those objects within a video via Instagram story. With this, shoppers no longer need to go to manually find the product they want. All they need to do is swipe up in the video that they want so they will automatically be redirected to your site. In some cases, they can even just add to cart and go straight to checkout. Thus, you can shorten the customer journey and accelerate conversions.

360-degree video technology will expand

The 360-degree video includes the same time recording of the views in every direction. What this means is that consumers can now view a 360-degree video and have all the needed insight on what the product or service is all about. 360-degree videos have been signaled as the next big thing in video marketing. This type of video provides a more immersive experience hence increasing a company’s brand awareness. Also, 360-degree videos have a +46% video completion rate compared to regular videos and a +300% click-through rate compared to other display ads.

Training and education videos will expand

Videos are great learning tools–there’s no doubt about it. Touching both auditory and visual senses, videos make it easy for educators to produce effective and compelling instructor-led lectures. Such as how-to tutorials, and simulations. From a marketing perspective, however, you can leverage this to draw leads more effectively. Educational videos add value to the customer experience. With these, shoppers don’t feel like they’re being sold to, so they are more likely to feel that your brand has more to offer than just your products and services.

Video ads will become immersive and longer

According to MediaRadar, from January 2018 to February 2019, the number of 6-second video ads on YouTube declined by 20% year over year while the number of 30-second ads increased to 19% to 24% of all ads.

More showing less explaining

More showing less explaining trends that will evolve and continue in video content. Video allows us to do more than just explain the text or as a voiceover. It can allow us to just show what things look like, how they work, what they’re made of, and how they can fit into your life.

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