Are you a hotelier? Do you need to increase the engagement and internet traffic for your hotel? You should know that video is a popular medium in your field. Video Marketing can be a promising strategy to fulfil your needs.

Most people today use the internet, and the majority of internet users watch videos. Whether they are looking for information, news, entertainment, or even just viewing ads, the majority of users prefer videos.

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Over the past few years, studies have shown that videos are the most appealing media to deliver messages faster and more effectively than any other media. Since videos popularity is only going to increase, you should know some important reasons why video marketing is important for your hotel.

1.    Videos are more appealing

80% of internet users would prefer to watch the same content on video than read it in text. A study has proven that motion picture is more appealing to consumers and it is more easily understood. Marketing your hotel services through video will leave the best impression for your viewers. It helps them to feel the experience of being inside your hotel by watching your video content

2.    Double advantages

Who has never used YouTube or Google? YouTube is the second largest search engine on the internet and Google owns YouTube. So never hesitate to upload your video content to YouTube. It will appear on both of the largest search engines in the internet world and be easily found by your prospective clients.

3.    YouTube strategy is promising

Why must uploading your content to YouTube be included in your hotel marketing strategy? YouTube is a promising medium to show off your hotel through video. More than a billion people access YouTube and the majority of them spend hours watching streaming videos every month. Around 100 million internet users access videos every day. Not all of them are travellers who crave for travel videos, but that is still quite a number of potential clients to watch your videos.

4.    Video content dominates internet traffic in 2017

A study reported that in 2017, around 74% of internet traffic will be video content. The number of people accessing the internet is increasing year by year, just as the proportion of internet users accessing videos is. This means that online video is the fastest growing and strongest marketing strategy there is.

Behind The Scene of Padma Hotel Bandung Corporate Video

5.    Video goes mobile

Most tablet owners spend an hour a day or more watching videos on their device. 89.7 million Smartphone owners also consume videos via their devices. This number is increasing all the time. Viewing video on mobile devices has become the trend of today. Why not optimize your marketing videos for small screens?

6.    Travel-related content is getting more popular

People are becoming more interested in travelling as a way to refresh themselves from the rat race. People can access video content through their devices while in the middle of their busy schedules. A study reported that online video viewing is increasing by about 118% every year. So, why doesn’t your hotel be a part of it? It can be a good marketing opportunity to show off your property.

7.    Virtual Tour videos catch more attention

Many reports have stated that simulation videos of walking through a hotel have great appeal for prospective visitors. They are able to feel the experience of being in your hotel before they really go there. Based on one study, this type of video will increase booking rates by up to 67%.

8.    A good video lures more business travellers

Lots of businessmen travel to different places for business and hotels are an important factor in their lives. A study has proven that 65% of business executives visit a marketer’s site after watching their video. What else are you waiting for? Create a good video of your hotel to engage more viewers and increase the direct booking from your hotel website.

Behind The Scene of Padma Hotel Bandung Corporate Video

9.    Video is content with the best ROI

There is no doubt what hotel marketers want to achieve from their digital marketing investment and a video is one of the most efficient ways to achieve it. A report stated that around 52% of marketing professionals in the world mention video as the type of content medium which has the best ROI. That statement shows the impact of video for marketing.

There is this cited quotation from Dr James McQuivery from Forrester Research, “One minute of video is worth 1.8 million words”. Think about video as your hotel marketing strategy? It might be an opportunity too good to ignore.