Have you ever seen a kid sang the same song over and over again from the video you made him watch? Or, have you ever seen teenagers in their adolescence act and behave like what people do in the movies? Or, even you ever bought thousand dollars smartphone after watch its ad on TV?

What’s happening?

Maybe we’ll only say that the kid is smart enough in his age and those teenagers are in their stage of development.

What about the smartphone?

We might say that it’s the right ad in the right time and I do need that smartphone. While in fact, we still have the good one.

That’s it. Marketers, that’s a high code that visual motion or video is the best medium to catch our prospects. It’s the best thing to engage and convert audiences into customers. It’s just a way more effective than what text could do.

Creating a video needs a lot of details and complication. It takes time and skill to produce the significant one to grab viewers’ attraction. It’s not only that. There’s science behind the video. This is a need for marketers to deliver their messages that catch human’s understanding.

Here’re some facts video contains science that can help marketers connect their ideas to the viewers,

• Stimulating

It’s part of human’s DNA that sensitive to a small movement is a skill owned by human to survive. A motion will grab attention easily.

Human pays attention to visuals a way quicker than text. People need longer to imagine the scene in a novel than watch it in a movie.

90% information transmitted into the brain is visual. Through reading, we’ll have to interpret before sending the portrayal of what we read. Through watching, the visual portrayal is already served.

• Faster and Easier

For viewers, video is easier medium to absorb information. There’s study stated that visual like video is processed by the brain 60.000 times faster than text. We, human, are also skilled in preventing the brain from overload of cognitive strain.

Most of the people, almost 70%, are visual learners. A study stated that 1minute video is equal to 1.8 million words. That’s enough reason to make video become medium for people to absorb information easily in a quick range of time.

That’s why video is the perfect medium to deliver the complex idea. It will grab brain’s attention in the blink of an eye. Just imagine when we have to study from hundreds of pages of a text book for an exam.

• Awaken Emotions

What will your expression be when you watch sad movie, horror, or comedy? Did you show the same expression? I don’t think so.

Thanks to your mirror neuron. This system is planted inside our brain helps us understand the actions, behavior, intention, or feeling shown by other people we’re watching.

The amazing fact, it’s not just activating facial expression. It invites our brain to react with emotional responses similar to what we feel in the certain situation.

Let’s draw the idea. This is the chance for companies to take over the power of audiences’ brains to create an emotional connection between them and the brands.

Some studies show that visual stimulates emotional responses and makes our brain release chemical called oxytocin.

What can be more impressive? This chemical helps us to create empathy that leads to emotional connection to trust what a product over.

This is what marketers need. An emotional connection has a big involvement in converting audiences into customers. Why is it important? Emotional content gives bigger impact twice than rational context.

• Memorable

Video might attract and make prospects notice. It helps to explain your idea clear and quick. It even stimulates emotional responses.

What next?

Viewers need to remember the idea and let it stay inside their memory. Study stated that 80% of audiences are able to recall video ad they have seen for the past 30 days. Even we are able to memorize the video ad of our favorite when we are kids. What an impressive fact.

This would be a great chance for marketers if they can stamp out the idea of their brand to their target audiences’ mind. It will be much easier to convert the audiences.

With one-click on play button will be the most compelling call to an action. This is the power of science of our eyes, brain, and emotional responses.

You can no more avoid the scientific fact that video is a powerful marketing medium.